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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Roxbury Park Adoption event 5/2

Wow, another event so soon after our terrific Best Friends showing. Needless to say we always have more dogs who need homes ASAP!
More to come on the dogs who will be appearing and hopefully finding wonderful homes. LAAS has lots of amazing dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. Come see us!

The Shelter Chronicles: A Beautiful Day!

The Best Friends event on Sunday was a big success. Tons of adoptions and rescues. What a great day! See for yourself! This fantastic video was put together by LAAS volunteer extraordinaire and dog expert Debbie Fan!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month

This Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 11am at The Mar Vista Farmers Market an officer from LA Animal Services will be making an appearance!

He will be discussing what constitutes cruelty to animals, how to recognize the signs and what to do about it. This is a very important topic as many of us may come across a situation and not even realize that there are laws to protect animals.

The Mar Vista Farmers Market is located on Grandview Blvd. and Venice Blvd. The talk will be given next door to the Post Office behind the MVCC tent. Please attend and learn how to help animals in trouble!!!

For more info, please email me at lola4dogs@gmail.com.

Check out:
www.laanimalservices.com for more on animal protection laws.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: The Eyes Have IT!

I just got back from a very interesting dog training seminar with Sarah Kalnajs. I have to say that studying dog behavior really changes your perspective on dogs in general. They are always communicating to us, but we just don't understand what they are saying. Seriously, they are always showing their feelings towards people, other dogs and their environment. If we would OPEN our eyes, we could see that and learn to understand them...

Pecachu A1014129, Adult, Female, Medium, Chow mix

Adonis A1014130, Adult, Male, Medium, Chow mix
Now what do you think these dogs are trying to say? Hmmm, not too difficult is it? I'm scared, I want to go home, don't hurt me, etc....
Poor little Pecachu and handsome Adonis. These adorable medium-sized dogs are really cute and sweet as can be. Pecachu and her partner Adonis came in together and for weeks just hid inside their cubby. Finally, some volunteers noticed that these dogs hadn't been out of their kennel in forever! So with some TLC these cuties were coaxed out of their cubby and started to warm up to people.
My guess is that both dogs have never been on leash before now and most likely were backyard dogs. When we took them out of the kennel for the first time, they were tenative but happy to be "free." The two of them warmed up really fast once they were taken off the leash and they were giving us little kisses after about 1o minutes. They loved the human interaction and petting.
These dogs seem to function as one dog and they appear very bonded. They are both incredibly sweet dogs. I couldn't tell how fearful they really are or how their socialization has been so not sure about kid friendly. They are people friendly though!!!
I hope to get more info and new pix this weekend, but I just wanted to put them out there as they are super cute dogs who would make lovely companions for someone. These dogs would be eligiable for the Best Buddies program. Don't forget to ask!!!!
Princess, A0452795, Female, Large, Elkhound mix
What a pretty girl. Princess (oh please, can't they come up with something more original?) is a lovely dog who seems to be a gentle soul. She was a little afraid of me at first but once I offered some yummy treats she seemed okay with my putting a leash on her and taking her out. I didn't spend enough time to give loads of details, but my impression is that she is a very nice dog who has appropriate social skills with humans. In other words, she's not jumping up or acting a fool. Plus she is so beautiful!!! Her pretty soulful eyes will melt your heart!
Becerra, A0930437, Young, Medium, Pit mix
I've featured this cutie before, but he's still at the shelter. It's crazy! This is a fun and energetic dog. He is cute as a button too. Nothing makes this dog happier than a ball, any ball, big small, he just loves it! He's very nice and friendly. He'd be a fun dog for a family with older kids. He's really just a clown, as are most Pit bulls that I know. The volunteer who works with him absolutely loves him. She thinks he's a great dog for an active person or family!
Please come meet him, he needs a home...

Juno, A0948499, Male, Large, Lab mix
Okay, I haven't even met this doggie yet, but all eyes are on him! A bunch of people are telling me how rad this big black dog is and that it's insane that he's at the shelter. First off he already was adopted once and returned. The daughter of the people who adopted decided she was afraid of him. All the volunteers who have worked with him have literally said that this is THE BEST dog they EVER met at the shelter. Wow, that is a major vote of confidence from a lot of dog-savvy people. Thus, even though I haven't met him yet, I feel entirely comfortable to highly recommend this cutie and get him out of the shelter asap!
As always, all these dogs are available now at the West Los Angeles Animal Services center!