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Friday, April 30, 2010

This just in from SLA: Baguette A1107427 so cute, but Urgent!

Baguette (A1107427, 2 years old, on alert since April 17th, for a case of demodex that is nearly gone) is a little sweetheart. When given a cat test yesterday, he shook in fear -- and crawled right back into the ACT's lap. Here's a video (paste link into your browser, might have to click a couple of times to get it) of this bow-legged sweetheart, cuddling and prancing. No need to say more -- just watch and he will surely capture your heart. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=ThatOtherMindyFromCamp&target=ALBUM&id=5464324865672869313&authkey=Gv1sRgCKrS_YLT6Z-01wE&invite=CKDE1a4E&feat=email This poor baby has wounds from some previous encounter -- with what we don't know. But, it must have been awful. They are healed now and he is ready to be yours.

Baguette is too good to wait for a sale. Snatch him up today. Call the South L.A. shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119. And please let us know that you are taking him. It's so encouraging to hear good news and others always ask us when a dog disappears from the website. Thanks much, Andrea & Mindy ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

Thursday, April 29, 2010

This just in from SLA: Sherman A1104465 is Urgent!

Sherman (A1104465, 6 years old, German shepherd / husky mix, on alert since April 9th!!!) was found running the streets with a lady friend. Shirley (A1104464). Not at all who we thought she would be. Here is their video to paste in your browser. Look at the love between these two!!!


Well, Shirley was transferred to West L.A. (as happens with small dogs, especially -- and has since been adopted) and Sherman (a bit more mature) remains behind at South -- in serious need of getting out. Sherman is a major staff favorite -- Extraordinary ACT James ; exceptional swing shift supervisor Don Paul. No matter who we showed him to, they all knew Sherman from the kennels! You know he is special with that recommendation. And he is amazing with other dogs -- having been kenneled with a variety. Sherman is truly a friend to all. The smiles are always at the front of this marvelous guy and the wags are always at the back. He is the definition of a happy dog.

If you have a girlfriend for Sherman (or perhaps even a boyfriend), please call the South L.A. shelter at once. (213) 485-0117 or -0119. And kindly let us know if you are the lucky one to bring Sherman's joyful wags into your home. Many thanks, Andrea & Mindy ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dog of the Week! Isabella, she's learnin'!


Isabella is a 4 year old, female, American Staffordshire Terrier. She's probably mixed with something else with those crazy upright ears! She's pretty darn cute!

Isabella came to the shelter as a stray on February 5th 2010.

She is a very sweet dog that loves people, belly rubs and long walks. When she first arrived at the shelter she was showing all the signs of a "keep alone" dog. Great news though, her behavior toward other dogs is changing and the WLA Volunteers continue to work with her on introductions with both males and females. She has met dogs and even played (with supervision of course).

With a strong handler she does well and continues to improve everyday.

If you are able to help Isabella please contact the New Hope Coordinator at:

Samantha Westbrook

New Hope Coordinator

West Los Angeles

11361 W. Pico Blvd

Los Angeles 90064

Cell: 213 792 5811

Shelter: 213 485 0494/0495/0496


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LA Animal Services once again thrown under the bus in the new budget proposal!

A blind 9 year old Pit Bull has no chance if the proposed budget passes!

Gio was RESCUED!

This week the Mayor's budget hearings are taking place. Today, Tuesday, April 27th the Budget and Finance meeting will be discussing LAAS. Currently the proposal is to cut the LAAS budget by 1.8 million. Part of this will be SHUTTING DOWN SHELTERS!!!! This would mean thousands of more animals will be needlessly killed due to lack of space.

Kathy Davis has expressed her MAJOR concerns about the consequences of short staffing shelters and shutting them down. Danger to the public and to the animals!!!!

This dog was adopted!

Considering how bad it is now at the high volume shelters, LA can't afford to cut staff or shut down any shelters. We need people who are supporters of keeping all shelters open and running at full capacity to save as many animals as possible!

Please sign up to speak at this hearing today to express your opinion about saving animals and public safety! Your voice must be heard to protect those who can't speak for themselves!!!!

This Pit Bull is still waiting...


(200 N. Spring St.
LA, CA 90012)

TUES - APR 27 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Astaire is a dancer, a prancer and a really good kisser!

This just in from SLA!!!

How did it happen that I asked about Astaire last Saturday?
I had admired his soft, fluffy coat many times. Seen his tail start to flutter from side to side when I approached his kennel. I never expected to hear that he was going to be euthanized that very day. I was stunned. Now, granted a brief extension, Astaire is waiting for someone special to save him -- and soon.

Astaire (A1099183, 2 years old) is affectionate, a great kisser, -- and a dashingly divine dancer. When he walks, he lifts his paws like a Clydesdale, like a show dog in the ring, so assured of capturing his First Place ribbon. (He's gotten a bit stiff in the legs -- so needs a regular work-out routine.) He's confident. He knows that he's got charm and good looks. Kenneled with other dogs, Astaire seems fine in that department as well. If you would like to add a hoofer to your family, complete with smooches and smiles, call the South L.A. shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119. Don't let this dog who escaped death once have to face it again this weekend. And kindly let us know if you can save Astaire. Many thanks, Andrea & Mindy ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

Watch my video :

Naomi didn't make it, but let's help her pup Campbell make it out of SLA!

This puppy has had it tough. His mom, Naomi, didn't make it out of the shelter so let's make sure that Campbell has a chance!

Campbell is an adorable 4 month old puppy. He's a bit on the shy side, but that can improve with socialization and stability. Let's NOT throw the baby out with the bath water. He's a sweet soul, probably much like his mom was, so please if you are considering a puppy and want a medium to large size dog, Campbell may be your guy!

Here is some video taken of Campbell with his departed mom. RIP Hope, we are looking out for Campbell!

Please contact:
Andrea & Mindy at (323) 363-4909 ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com

If you can help this orphan, please call the
South L.A. shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119.

Campbell (A1102604, now 4 mos old)

Have a Great Earth Day!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dog of the Week! Feeling blue for Pink... RESCUED!!!!

I'm posting this poor girl Pink because she is a very sweet dog with some issues who is not doing well in the shelter situation. She's a deaf Pit Bull so she is special needs! She also has some problems that must be addressed for her to be successful. It would be great if she could work with a trainer as that is what she really needs!

This girl has had some bad luck which is very sad. She's ended up back at the shelter 2x now. I think whoever takes her, be it rescue or a private adoption, needs to be realistic about what they can do for her. Putting her in boarding will not be a good thing for her at this point. There is some major rehab that needs to be done!

Some issues that have been observed are fear aggression towards men and female dogs. She needs basic training for leash walking and such. Loves to play with the ball.

Please help if you can!

UPDATE -- SAT. 4/17/2010--- $685 in DONATIONS SO FAR for RESPECTABLE 501C3

The money will go only to a respectable rescue group for Pink.
Please update and join the rescue of the deaf dog Pink.
email: Marietta.USA@gmail.com

Monday, April 19, 2010

Heartbreaker Monday: Naomi at SLA needs you!!!!

You can't help yourself when you watch or paste in your browser :

Naomi (A1102606, 2 year old, pit / GS mix), NOT ON ALERT BUT WILL BE SCHEDULED ANY DAY NOW SO NEEDS OUT IMMEDIATELY (probably by 4/20!!! Don't wait.) is one of the gentlest dogs at the shelter. All of us love her to pieces. She has been kenneled with other females and is always a sweetheart. Puppy Campbell (A1102604, now 4 mos old), though surrounded by lots of little dogs in his cage -- truly comes to life when his mom appears. Their tails wag and little puppy thinks its still time to nurse. He doesn't understand the separation -- she feels the anguish of being in the shelter, torn from her baby.

If you can help, please call the South L.A. shelter at once at (213) 485-0117 or -0119. And kindly let us know that they are reunited again. Naomi is a favorite of Deshawn's -- the very best Volunteer Liaison in the world. Please, save this momma dog. Thanks, Andrea & Mindy ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Happy Ending Project: Hope floats...

Another in a series of stories written by volunteers about dogs they helped save. These stories illustrate the wonderful outcomes that are produced through our volunteers' commitment to saving these animals. I hope you will find them inspiring!

Keeping Hope alive: A boy and his dog

by Marda Winnick

Sometimes, the most heartwarming stories are not about socializing or rehabilitating a dog to make it more adoptable. Sometimes, they are more about the families who adopt them. (Because this family did not wish to be identified, all names and other identifying information have been changed, and unfortunately, there will be no photos.)

The volunteer spotted “Hope” immediately, a big furry ball of gentleness and dignity, a new dog that had just arrived at the shelter and was being walked in the yard.

But, she was 8-years old. It’s not that older dogs don’t ever get adopted, but it can be a long wait. Sweet and well mannered though she seemed to be, this could be a challenge.

Soon thereafter the volunteer stopped to help a mother and her son, who were looking for their first dog. Sensing some uncertainty on the mother's part, the volunteer discovered that the parents, born abroad, had never been around dogs as pets before. The mother was nervous, but determined that their son should have a pet. The son really wanted a dog, but confided he was concerned about his mother's fears, which caused him some hesitation. It was clear how much they loved and were concerned about each other.

It was sort of like a canine “Gift of the Magi,” O. Henry's classic short story about giving and receiving.

This would take a special match, and the volunteer immediately thought of the dog she had just met. At eight, Hope was mature and obviously had come from a loving home. The introduction was made, and as they say, it was love at first sight for young “Trevor”.

Throughout the adoption process both mother and son separately expressed their concerns to the volunteer. Hearing all this, Volunteer Coordinator/ACT Charla Fales whispered to the volunteer, “I’ll bet she is returned.” And she, concerned Charla might be right, was determined to make sure this adoption stuck.

Since they were first-time dog owners, she volunteered to help them with Hope’s training. What she knew was that Hope didn’t need any training; indeed, Hope was one of the most balanced dogs she had come across. Rather, it was the family who needed some help.

She called the next day to make an appointment to visit, and was crushed when Trevor said they had decided to return Hope. His mother thought she was too big and that a puppy would be a better match. Reading between the lines, the volunteer knew that if a calm, well-behaved dog like Hope made Nadia nervous, a puppy would be far worse, and gently conveyed her thoughts.

Twenty minutes later, Trevor called back and said they had decided to keep Hope. Wasting no time, the volunteer set a time to meet with them.

Trevor had a wonderful instinct with Hope and learned quickly about leadership and how to handle her. And it was clear the bond that had immediately developed between them.

So now, attention turned to the parents. “David” seemed okay, so Nadia was the focus. The volunteer patiently addressed her questions and concerns over the course of several visits and phone calls and gradually saw a change in her. Flash forward: Trevor reports that his mother now loves Hope.

Norman Rockwell could have had Trevor and Hope in mind when he created his famous “A Boy and His Dog” portrait. Only in this version you’d have to add David and Nadia.

Go visit your local shelter!

Adopt, don't shop!

The Happy Ending Project: A video story... Dottie!

Sometimes pictures can tell a story better than words ever could. A while back at the WLA Shelter we had a beautiful Malinois puppy who was very confident and smart. As cute as she was, we wondered if we could find her a the right person. Often confidence and intelligence can be trouble in some dogs if the person who adopts the puppy doesn't know how to reign in that combo.

Fortunately for this little girl, she found the PERFECT home! She is now being trained in dog agility. Her mind is being exercised as well as her body. She not only gets exercise, but also socialization being around other dogs. What a great outcome. We hope to follow Dottie's progress as she becomes an agility champ!

Dottie as a cute puppy at WLA before her rescue

Dottie today, practicing agility with her wonderful guardian!

Adopt, don't shop! Go visit LAAS to find your next champ!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Animal Acres needs help This WEEKEND!!!

Animal Acres called into help rescue 150 animals in San Diego
Volunteers needed........

Dozens of volunteers are needed to help Animal Acres rescue, transport, and care for over 150 goats, cattle, chickens, pigs and other animals in urgent need of rescue in San Diego County Thursday, April 15 through Sunday, April 18th.

I am reposting this from the urgent action letter sent by Animal Acres. If you have any questions or want to donate time or money, please contact them directly at: info@animalacres.org or call 661-269-5404.

Details about the rescue are as follows:

Right now, these animals are languishing at an abusive hoarder facility for farmed animals. Though the owner called it the "Purple Cow Sanctuary" (PCS), the conditions we witnessed there are worse than many of the "backyard butcher" operations we have seen.

The animals are extremely thin, infested with parasites, and covered in sores and mange. There is no housing or protection for the animals to escape severe weather conditions - only dilapidated pens and awnings that are falling down. The "feed" barn is filled with old containers of oats, and mice-infested bags of pinto beans. The fenced pens are severely overcrowded, and the goats are being bred to produce milk for the owner. To view a short video and for further information on the case, please visit our website: www.animalacres.org

Please be a farmed animal rescuer by joining us this week to bring these animals to safety. You can help by:

1. Helping load animals at PCS in San Diego County (Valley Center) beginning on Thursday, April 15th and the last day of loading (hopefully!) on Sunday, April 18th. The loading will be difficult because of the terrain and we cannot do it without volunteers to hold portable gates and chutes to move the goats and pigs.

We will need a large team of rescuers - especially on Thursday, April 15 and Friday, April 16 to move the goats. You can either meet us at Animal Acres on rescue days at 8:30 a.m. to carpool (directions are on the VISIT section of our website), or meet us off Interstate 15 at 11:30 a.m.

From Temecula; Drive about 18 miles south on I-15.
? Take the GOPHER CANYON RD/OLD CASTLE RD Exit, Go 0.2 mi. EAST, FIRST STOPLIGHT there is a parking lot on the right on the corner of Gopher Canyon and Champagne Blvd. -- park in here for rescue carpool (if parking lot is full, park just past on side of road.)

If you can help any of these days, please email: info@animalacres.org or call 661-269-5404. Rescue volunteers are encouraged to pack food and beverages as the rescue will take several hours each day.

2. Helping care for the new rescued animals, as well as the current animals at Animal Acres. We have two full time caregivers, and these caregivers are currently needed to provide quality care for the 176 animals currently residing at Animal Acres. We will be DOUBLING our animal population, and at a minimum, it will take two months to rehabilitate the rescued animals (since the animals have mange/parasites) and three to four additional months to place all of the animals into loving forever homes. Once the animals arrive, we will need volunteers every day of the week to help care for the PCS animals and the current animals at Animal Acres.

Animal Caregiver volunteers need to arrive between 10 - 11 a.m. and commit to a three hour animal care job. Volunteers are welcome to bring a vegan picnic lunch to enjoy with the birds in our courtyard!

Thank you for being a farmed animal rescuer, too.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hello readers!!! Send me pix of your adopted doggies!

Cookie, 10 years young, Rat Terrier from LAAS in 2008

Ace, 4 years old, Rottweiler, from LAAS 2007

Ike, 10 years old, Italian Greyhound, from Italian Greyhound Rescue 2000

So far we have had amazing Happy Ending Project stories told by myself and our wonderful LAAS volunteers. Many of them have found their way to other sites and one was even tweeted by a BIG STAR! Sooo, what's next?

Here I've included my own cute doggies that I adopted through the shelter and local rescues. I would love to hear from readers to find out about your amazing adopted dogs and share them on the blog.

Please email me a picture of your pet and a brief description of how you found each other! I will post them here on The Shelter Chronicles blog for all to share.

Just email me at Lola4dogs@gmail.com!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

LA Animal Services
Save a life, adopt a pet!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hey!! The Shelter Pet Project is up for an award!

Vote for The Shelter Pet Project Ad to win a Hugo Award!

The Happy Ending Project: Max

Another in a series of stories written by volunteers about dogs they helped save. These stories illustrate the wonderful outcomes that are produced through our volunteers' commitment to saving these animals. I hope you will find them inspiring!


Friends to the Max by Kara Steiniger

It was by accident that I met Max at the West LA shelter one day when I went to visit another dog. The dog I intended to see was an older Australian Shepherd mix. My older dog, who dislikes most dogs, has a fondness for Aussies, so I keep an eye out for them in the shelter. Oso, the Aussie, happened to be at a mobile adoption that day so I had some extra time to take another dog for a walk. Max was just across the way from Oso’s kennel snoozing in the sunshine. According to his card he was ten years old and he'd already been at the shelter for two months. He got up and walked over to say, “Hi.”

When I walked him, he had the energy of a young dog. What caught my attention was the way he looked up into the trees. He seemed to be observing and appreciating the sights and smells, and especially the trees.

After my first encounter, I continued to visit and walk Max, and had even contacted a few rescues about him. I arranged with the shelter to show him at a mobile adoption event. At that adoption my friend Patty met Max and loved him too. Patty and the others who met Max did not believe he could be 10 years old. He had the teeth of a 4-year-old and seemed to be at most 6. Patty and I promised Max that we would not let him die at the shelter and that promise took hold.

We networked Max and raised money for a rescue to take him. Through networking, we met Laurie who had noticed Max on the shelter's website. She also wanted him safe. We had a team!

After about a month of networking and fundraising, with Max's time growing scarily short, an out-of-town rescue stepped up to take him. We were thrilled and relieved. Max was neutered and boarded until the rescue was ready for him. Then Patty and I drove him to the rescue over 100 miles away from Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, after a few days at the rescue, another dog provoked a fight with Max. He was off-leash at the time and fought back, injuring the other dog. The rescue decided that they could no longer keep Max.

Max rode a rescue train consisting of a couple connecting rides back to L.A. He went to stay in a great boarding facility where he would get time out of the kennel each day. “Team Max” members visited him at the boarding facility and took him to adoption events that a generous rescue allowed us to attend. Max was made the star of a youtube.com video, and his picture was posted on several rescue websites. We then had a garage sale to raise funds for his boarding and resumed networking online.

Since Max was involved in a fight at his initial rescue, and we had observed that he liked to chase cats, we were cautious about placing him with other animals. We sought to place Max with a person who would understand these issues and be able to work with him around other dogs and preferably not have a cat! I was concerned about showing Max, because in my experience he was an independent type and did not initially shower people with love and affection.

About six weeks after Max’s return to L.A., Bill spotted him on Karma Rescue’s website and I received an inquiry. We arranged to meet at the boarding facility. Max took to Bill immediately. We sat on the ground and Max would snuggle right up next to Bill. He rolled over for belly scratches. So much for my concerns about that! Intermittently, Max would get up and take his bone to chew for awhile. Bill liked this combination of sweetness and independence.

Bill’s application to adopt Max, as well as the home check, revealed a great situation for our Max. An experienced dog person, Bill works out of his home so Max has a full-time buddy.

Max at home chewing on his favorite bone!

At last report, Max has two dog friends with whom he gets to visit regularly. He adores young children and goes for regular walks on the beach where he likes to run around. Bill asked me if I'd noticed what Max does when he walks under trees -- I knew right then that Max had found his perfect home.

P.S. Oso the Aussie was adopted too!

To create your own happy ending story visit your local shelter!
LA Animal Services

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

JACK (formerly Gio) the wonderful blind Pit Bull needs a NEW FOSTER!

This incredible dog was rescued from the West LA shelter a couple of months ago on the day he was to be put down! Reunion Rescue decided to take a chance on an older blind Pit Bull because they saw what a wonderful dog he was and that he deserved to have happiness in his golden years.

Unfortunately the current foster situation isn't working out due to NO FAULT of Jack's. He is very chill with other dogs, but the foster's dog doesn't like Jack :-( so here we are now. Jack really needs some help! Reunion Rescue is a great operation and fully support their fosters.

The only issue that Jack has had at his foster home is some separation anxiety. The foster has been working on crate training but Jack still has a way to go. It would be great if the person was knowledgeable about dogs and training to help Jack get over this issue. Other than that, Jack is just an amazing and inspirational dog!

Here is a little about Jack written by his current foster:
Jack has been excelling in our training. The obedience class has done wonders for his leash manners when around other dogs. He used to pull to try to meet any dog. The act of putting him in many dog situations every week has really helped.

One more class and he will have his certificate indicating that he has passed basic obedience. He may have passed but he truly is excelling. Jack has a good sit, down, stay, and recall. He has an excellent heal with me and i'm sure with his next person given some time for him to get used to their voice. Jack is doing very well with the "leave it" command. I have been doing the training at home to pass a canine good citizenship test which i'm sure he would pass. I have been looking for a test that isn't full that I could take him to.

Other general things about Jack...

is sweet, gentle and friendly. He gets around well despite his sight impairment, and adapts quickly to new situations. He generally gets along well with other dogs and people. We do not take him to dog parks so we do not know how he would do there but I can say that he is quick to do a playbow when meeting new dogs.

I feel totally comfortable now leaving Jack unattended around food and treats. He will leave it alone unless I give it to him. I can't even do that with my dog.

He also will only destroy toys that are given to him. He does not chew shoes or furniture but has had a couple incidents due to separation anxiety when left uncrated.

His favorite things in the world are eating, sleeping in the sun, playing with balls, and riding in the car. He has absolutely no separation anxiety in the car. I can leave him there for extended periods of time

I have attached a pic of Jack riding in the car. The patch on his vest reads "blind dog gentle and friendly". That was given to us by someone who met Jack and had the patch made for him. She thought it was fitting and we do too. This is just a little more of the impact Jack has on the people he meets.

If you can foster or want to adopt Jack please contact
Cindy of Reunion Rescue at

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dog of the Week! Bixby is a kind fellow!

Bixby, 1.2 years old, Bull Terrier mix

Bixby is a babe! He's friendly, cute, playful, sweet, oh and did I mention friendly?!!!

Bixby has been participating in the K9 Connection program for for a few months now. He is a favorite amongst volunteers at K9 and the shelter. He loves helping the K9 Connection kids and they love him.

What could possibly be deterring people from adopting this cutie?

Is it that he's wearing a tux? Okay, he's a little fancy but he loves to get down and dirty playing when with his pals...

Is it his big smiling face? Well, I guess that could be misinterpreted... but I assure you it's a smile!

Maybe it's his modest size? True, he could be bigger, but he opted to go with the very medium size so that he could fit into most households...

Here's an anecdote for you about good ol' Bixby. I spent time with him at an indoor adoption event and one of our little dogs decided he didn't like Bixby. Well Bixby couldn't understand this at all! He just wanted to play. Why wouldn't every dog like him? Yet, here was a dog who, well, just didn't like him! This little guy got right in Bixby's face and even snapped at him! Bixby being the good-natured sweetie that he is, turned away and moved out of the little guy's biting range. He seemed a little scared of this little stinker so he backed off. That's it. What a good boy!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Happy Ending story this week due to the holiday, but instead....

Edi Gathegi "Laurent" from Twilight and New Moon seen here with the gorgeous Keri Telford, yoga teacher and LAAS volunteer along with the lovely Charla Fales of LAAS. Oh and let's not forget little Butch the 3 legged doggie who is available for adoption! Photo op from the Best Friends Doggie Passover event at the dog-friendly Palomar Hotel this week!

Check next Friday for another Happy Ending story!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dog of the Week! Roger has some hurdles, help!



Roger has called the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter his home since Nov. 17, 2009. He is a 47 lb., 8 yr. old beautiful shepherd mix who is described as a happy, playful and gentle dog. He enjoys his playtime in the yard and seems eager to please. He walks well on leash and makes good eye contact which makes learning new commands easy for him. He is described as a "winner". Roger has shown signs of food aggression but seems friendly with dogs through the fence and is good with cats. He is just a real sweet and happy boy who loves to be around people.

Recently it was noticed that Roger favored one of his hind legs. He appears to have a problem with his hip that will require either surgery or perhaps a program of water therapy, acupuncture etc. Clearly this needs evaluation and a plan of action. This major hurdle is a difficult one to handle for the shelter which is not able to provide the necessary medical intervention that this wonderful dog needs. The Vet tech who we spoke to last week seemed to feel that palliative treatment including pain medication, water therapy etc. would probably give him quality of life for his remaining years.

As a result of his hip issue we've noticed that Roger is not particularly interested in playing with other dogs right now. For the time being he is fine around other dogs if they don't make physical contact.

It is the hope of the volunteers and staff who love this dog that someone somewhere would be willing to adopt or rescue Roger and provide him with the appropriate medical intervention and a forever home for the remainder of his life.

Check out this video of Roger. Please help him by networking him, donating money for his medical care or adopting him!

Roger is available at the West LA shelter
or contact me at lola4dogs@gmail.com