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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: The Shelter Explodes with the Cutest Dogs!

Come visit us over the 4th of July weekend!
wonderful new pix by Seth Casteel of Little Friends Photos!

Dillon A0949614
Shepherd mix, under 1 year. Gorgeous and sweet puppy. Great with other dogs. Fearful at the shelter and has had some issues with re-directing when he's afraid. Terrific otherwise. He's responded very positively to training. We've introduced him to other dogs and he is submissive with them! This guy just needs a chance to learn and grow up in a normal environment. Probably best in an all adult environment.

Marvin A0929318
What a pretty dog! He looks like there's some kind of Spitz breed in there, maybe Chow? Taller than a Chow though. Probably around 3 years old or less. He's got tons of energy and just wants to have fun! Great dog for an active person looking for a fun-loving companion. Right now he's working on his obedience training. He's really a sweet guy, just needs a little guidance to get him on the right track!

Scully A0936867
This girl's got some crazy ears! So cute!! Scully is a great size dog, definitely medium! kind of Lab mix or something? Such a striking girl, she has a lustrous black coat. Apparently her only issue right now, is that she's a bit dog reactive. Could just be lack of socialization and a treatable behavior. Hey, who needs another dog anyway, when you have this groovy chick?!

Hazel A0926394
What a perfect black Lab type dog. I'm guessing she's around 6 years old. She is the sweetest kid, all belly rubs and kisses. What a doll. A pleasure to be around. At the shelter, she's been very reactive to other dogs so, possibly an only dog situation. Really an easy girl and would be great with older folks or people who just don't want to go to dog parks and such. Great dog!

Casper A0936967
Casper is a fascinating creature. He's a young Pit Bull. He has an amazing face with piercing blue eyes. When he came to the shelter he was labeled as "aggressive." Naturally, after a little patience by one of our amazing volunteers, it was discovered that Casper was indeed a friendly ghost (just a little fearful) AND he is deaf. So our volunteer continues to work with him and he's doing great! What a sweetie. He's coming out of his shell and making great strides. He is a dog for an experienced dog person and preferably someone who either knows how to work with a deaf dog or willing to learn. He should be the only dog.

Bones A0945595
Bones is so sweet just a big puppy. He loves people and is crazy for playing fetch. What a doll. He is a beautiful Pit mix, nice size with dazzling green eyes! He can't be more than 2 years old. He has lots of energy and wants to interact with people as much as possible. Such a fun dog for a family who wants to have fun with him!

Luna A0838820
Luna is a Rottweiler mix who is under 3 years old. This girl is so wonderful! She's at the shelter due a home foreclosure! So sad... Luna is great with other dogs. She is incredibly easy on the leash. This is as close to a perfect dog as it gets. I love her! Plus, she's smaller than a Rottie so she's a great size. She's a winner! Luna came in with her daughter who is under 1 year, see below.

Star A0955310
Okay, if you don't think this dog is adorable, you are nuts! She looks just like her pretty momma Luna, just smaller as she's not full grown yet. Star seems to be a lot like her mom in personality however, she is very frightened at the shelter. She is very loving and sweet, just a little nervous, but in a totally non-aggressive way. It would be so cool if Luna and Star would get adopted together, but it's not mandatory. She's a doll!

See you there!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Rocky adopted! and other good stuff...

The Last Picture of Rocky!

No longer a NUMBER, just a cute doggie!

Yay! Finally, one of our longest residents of WLA animal shelter found a home! Let's wish him good luck in his wonderful new life! xoxo
Oh, and here's one more picture of this good boy for good luck. I'll miss you Rockster!


Remember this good boy?! Yes, it's Westchester!

Westchester was definitely a volunteer favorite. He was the most shy dog we almost ever had at WLA. Just petrified of everyone and everything. It took many months of TLC, but eventually he came around and began learning to love people. What a fantastic dog he became, inside and out! I think all of us who worked with him will always have very fond memories of his renaissance.
Finally after many months at the shelter, attending MPAs and rooming with many different dogs (because he was our doggie ambassador), Westchester's ship came in! And boy did it! He now lives with his loving family including two wonderful women and two other doggies. Now they all hang out together and do family outings together. It's the greatest thing ever. If any dog had it coming in a good way, it was Westchester (now known as Blue).
I just found out that the family is moving to Texas, so although we won't be able to see Blue, we really hope to keep up with his progress. Good luck to our very good boy!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: I took some pix!

One of the advantages of hanging around with a pro photographer like Seth Casteel is that I've learned some of his tricks of the trade. So, I decided that I would try some pix of my own without the special equipment (cos I don't have any) to see what I could come up with. I just used my digital camera and a little PhotoShop action. Hence, the resolution is a little lower, but, hey, we can't all be Seth Casteel!!!

Scooby A0801541
This guy is so adorable. Scooby is a Pit mix who is about 2 years old. A total sweetie pie, just looking for love. Scooby is a lot of fun and very easy to train. I just love this guy as do many of the shelter volunteers. Scooby is very friendly, playful and obedient. Not sure how he is with other dogs, but I think he may be fine as he is pretty relaxed. He would be a wonderful family dog.
Right now he is under weight and could use some high quality food and soft bed to sleep on. I can't figure out why no one has come to rescue this lovely dog.

Missy A0933094
This girl has come a long way in a short time! Even though she was at the shelter for a while, she was rather fearful and tentative about people. All it took to resolve this problem was some positive attention by our volunteers. All of a sudden Missy decided that people were cool and that she wanted to hang out with them. Now Missy is all kisses and love! She is so funny and playful. I just think she is awesome. Check out the crazy ear action! Her ear does this when she's extra interested in something. So cute.
Missy is a Pit mix and about 2 years or less. She's very pretty and very strong. A little timid in new situations. She'd probably be best with an experience dog person, someone who can lead her in the right direction. Missy could use some training and a lot of love to be the best dog she can be!

Mono A0904938
What happened to MONO??? Don't know, but somehow he got put in isolation at the shelter and just disappeared off the radar. What?! But this is a darling young dog, filled with energy and pizazz! Playful and funny, he's just big and strong so a little hard to control without any training. Moreover, Mono is a good boy and he's begging you for some training so that he can understand what it is that people want.
Mono is a boxer mix and just adorable. He's probably under 2 years old. When he was out in the yard with the volunteers recently, lots of people stopped to look. They all were smiling and laughing at his antics. What a find this guy is for a someone who is willing to train him and be a firm leader. You'll also need to be energetic yourself to keep up with this kid!

Rocky A0899965
Okay, I promise I'll stop showing Rocky on this blog as soon as he gets adopted! He is such a beautiful dog with a beautiful spirit. I just love him. He's got the most gorgeous coat, that Chow kind of fluffy coat. He's probably only about 2 years old and has a lot to learn, but overall he is an amazing dog. Considering how long he's been at the shelter, he's done very well.
Rocky is pretty chill in general. He is easy to train and has shown an ability for agility (say that 3x fast!). I think Rocky could do well in most any situation where the people are understanding and open to training. He'd be great for a family or a single. He definitely has some energy but not over the top. Rocky gets along with most other dogs and is just a sweet beautiful guy.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Still waiting...

Here are some of the dogs I've shown on this blog
in the past but are still at the shelter waiting, waiting, waiting.
These are all great dogs but for some reason they can't find a home
or find the right home. If you know anyone looking for a wonderful
dog, here are some great ones...

Sugar A923887
Pit mix? 2 years old, VERY SWEET with people, Should be only dog!
We used her for a news story at the shelter. She was so cute. Loves
to just hang out with that special someone.

Negra A932279
Senior Rottie about 8 years old, Very sweet with people.
Should be only dog. Very strong but mellow!

Caramel A915679
This is the sweetest girl! Pit mix, about 2 years old. She is great all around.
She loves people so much. She's highly trainable. Loves the belly rubs.
Not sure why she is overlooked.

Eli A901017
This guy has so much potential! He's very bright and energetic.
He just needs the right environment. He was out of the shelter for about
a month and then returned. Apparently he didn't like being left alone
in the yard all day!

Cole A910874
I love Cole! He's a senior fellow around 9 years old. Lots of personality!
He can play fetch as long as you can throw. Not bad for 9 years old. He is fine
with other large dogs if they are mellow and not jumping on him.

Angel A919365
This girl is sooooo sweet! Pit mix around 2 years old.
She's a little shy and needs some socialization.
She is very gentle and just needs some TLC. Shy with other dogs but can

Jiggley A533240
Jiggley is a great Shepherd mix at around 5 years old. Was adopted
returned due to the family moving. :-( She is just an all around
wonderful family dog. Good with other dogs.

Paolo A922555
This guy is so cute. Pit mix around 2 years old. He is a bundle of
energy that needs training. He's very trainable but for someone with
experience and time to give him. He's a very sweet guy and
very funny. What a face!

Cooper A910483
Cooper is a beautiful Pit mix around 4 years old. He is gorgeous.
Super playful, athletic, loves people. Should be only dog. He is a great dog
for the right person who is willing to work with him.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: the dogs of summer

Jackson A0929550

Rocky A0899965


You know, I'm always going on and on about all the great dogs at WLA, but what exactly makes these dogs so great anyway? Why is it that we volunteers can see something special in just about every dog? I really don't know... All I know is whenever I take out a new dog and see their sweet side (which every dog has), I'm usually hooked immediately.

What is it about shelter dogs that I love so much? Is it their unflappable trust in humankind? Is it their unstoppable lust for life? I think that shelter dogs are incredibly positive forces of nature. I know that when I work with dogs at the shelter my own level of optimism increases immensely. Shelter dogs just prove to me that you have to be positive to transcend the often ugly realities of life.

Anyway, even though we had another ruff day at Roxbury Park last week trying to get some dogs adopted, it was still a pretty day out at the park. Not much in the way in adoptions unfortunately. Not even one small dog! Where is everyone? Are they already off on vacation somewhere? Maybe that's the problem of having an adoption fair in Bev Hills, everyone is always off on some swanky vacation!

The three dogs above are some long termers who attended the event last week:

First, I have Jackson, the 2 year old (if that) Boarder Collie mix who has been with us at WLA for way too long now.
(actually he was adopted and returned for being hyper! duh!) He's very sweet and extremely energetic. Love those ears!! This dog needs a job or he will be getting into all kinds of trouble! What I found out about Jackson at the event last week is that he loves water. This explains why he always looks wet at the shelter, he must be rolling around in the hose when they clean the run! He went right into the wading pool last week and just stood in there! So funny.

Jackson definitely needs training and lots and lots of exercise. He'd be great for a runner and hiker. Jackson gets along with other dogs, but does better in an off leash situation. He's a puller on leash so I'm working with him on that issue, plenty of leash work in his future. The other thing that is really great is that Jackson is a quick study. He learns things so fast and is food motivated. An 8 week training class would do so much for this doggie. Anyway, if you are active, looking for a highly trainable dog, Jackson is your guy!

Next, is Rocky the Chow mix with the lustrous black coat. He's around 2 years old or less. In fact, he used to room with Jackson at one time. Now Rocky rooms with Brooks, a big black Pit bull. I love Rocky, he is such a good boy. He really likes other dogs and is learning to meet them nicely. He's super playful. I have yet to find out anything negative about this dog. He definitely needs exercise! We were teaching him to jump over a bar like you see in agility. He was a natural! I think Rocky would be fine for a newbie dog owner as he seems to be highly trainable and not too high maintenance. Come check him out at WLA!!! He has been in the shelter system since last November people!!!!

Last, but not least, is Petey. He used to room with Moe, the dog he came in with way back when. Moe was adopted last weekend so now Petey is on his own looking for a nice home. He is a gorgeous Pointer mix. So pretty! He's a lovely dog. Petey loves to meet new dogs. He's super friendly with both animals and people. He's not too bad on leash either. He knows how to sit for treats. Overall a very excellent dog who really needs a nice home, preferably with a yard.

His only issue may be his barking which is more out of frustration so that could improve in a calm home environment. Not sure how he is with kids, but I think he'd be fine. He doesn't jump on people so my feeling is he'd be fine with a family. The shelter has him listed as 8 years old, but I think he's more like 6 years old. Don't go by the shelter info, they are usually guessing too!

All the above dogs have been at the shelter a very long time! If you want a great dog, come check these cuties out today!!! PLEASE!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Roxbury Park!

Come meet some of the WLA Shelter's cutest and most adoptable dogs (and kitties)!
Attending from WLA
dogs that I have featured on this blog such as:
Petey & Moe
plus lots of little doggies and kittens!
Adoption Event at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills
(on Olympic and Roxbury)
June 14, 2008 from 11am to 4pm
Not only will the wla shelter be there but several other GREAT rescues as well
so don't miss it!

Word of Advice: Adoption events are a great way to meet a dog prior to adopting. Bring your dog with you if you like, but remember NOT all dogs like other dogs, so be considerate and keep a safe distance from dogs you are not being introduced to. Thanks!

See you there!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Two-furs

Best Buddies! Two fur One!

Moe A929326 & Petey A929337

These guys are an awesome pair! Both are friendly and a lot of fun. Great dogs for someone with a nice yard who is looking for two great companions. The volunteers who take them out have said they are super easy and great on leash. They are a little older so they have settled down and are over all that annoying stuff! Plus, they are best buddies soooo, you get a deal for adopting both!

Karen A939497 & Ed A939496

These two Shepherds are lovely and amazing. So sweet and easy to handle. These two are perfect for anyone looking to bring love and good karma into their life. Ed is very mellow and loving. Karen is more energetic but also very affectionate. So cute and, again, they are BEST BUDDIES so you get a deal-io when you adopt them both! Furthermore, these dogs would be great with seniors and since they are seniors themselves they are FREE to senior adopters! Yay!

These next two dogs are not best buds but they are both seniors at around 7 years old. They also both came from the South LA Shelter to the WLA shelter. Both are very nice dogs looking for loving homes.

Glenda A933345 & Coqueta A941146

Glenda is NOT sticking her tongue out at you! She's just enjoying a nice little treat! Glenda is a great dog. I know I say that about all the dogs but she REALLY is great! When she first arrived at South LA she had puppies who were all adopted out. Glenda remained at the shelter and due to her shyness she just wasn't getting any interest. Thanks to a really great person at SLA who took an interest in her, she began to come out of her shell. Then, practically at death's door (due to that shelter's over crowding) her fate changed and she was brought to WLA for a new chance to find a home! So, how did she get so lucky? Well, she is just the nicest dog ever! She likes other dogs and loves people. She's playful, mellow and just a beautiful soul. This is a dog that can fit into any home situation! You know, 7 is not very old... She is just pure love!

Coqueta is super pretty! Her coat is gleaming and soft. What a gorgeous girl! Coqueta may be about 7 years old, but let me tell you, she's got some energy! She loves toys and to chase balls around the yard. She's very good on leash too. Coqueta may be a little shy at first but it doesn't take her very long to come around. She's a wonderful family dog who is playful and loving.

Finally, just a couple of thoughts on adoptions. At our shelter (WLA) many dogs who are adopted are unfortunately returned. Sometimes the problem is that people are just too impatient. Always give a new dog ample time to adjust to the new situation. Even though their lifestyle may be improving radically, it can still be a bit of a shock. Dogs are sensitive beings who need our help in understanding what we expect of them. Most people's expectations are just too high right off the bat! So, my advice is to take a chill pill, be responsible and make a commitment to seeing your new dog through their adjustment into becoming your new best friend!