I Support Pet Adoption

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring is here! Feral cats & dogs for adoption.

photo from www.lynchburghumansociety.com

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I do love to enjoy the outdoors and see all the animal activity going on as birds build nests and everyone emerges from their long winter hibernation... Okay, well maybe not so much in LA, but I guarantee that it is going on all around us.

For example, our dear feral cats have done their mating and are now nesting... I just caught two pregnant feral cats that have been living around my property. I will have both cats fixed when they are done nursing, socialize the kittens, have the kittens fixed and find them homes. The queens will be set free back onto my property once again but at least I will know that we won't have anymore kittens that would probably either end up as coyote food or hit by a car.

I love my feral kitties as they keep the rodents at bay which is a real service if you ask me. They are beautiful to look at and seem so grateful for the meals I provide. I look forward to many more years enjoying their presence and I am so glad that there will be no more kittens!

I found a great site called Indy Feral that can give you answers about pretty much everything to do with feral cats! They also have articles from lots of other organizations like the Feral Cat Coalition.  I will keep you posted on how things go with my ferals and their litters as things progress.

Now here are a couple of cuties who need homes. Both are sweet and friendly and get along with each other too! Please network these cuties!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The WLA 3 pack, they are 3 great dogs that are waiting and waiting and waiting... Hurry!!!