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Monday, October 25, 2010

Little guys who need a hand at WLA: Owen & Pookie

Pookie, male Shi-tzu, 6 years old, A1156157

Owen, male Poodle mix, 1.5 years old, A1145155

Owen and Pookie are roomies who share a common bond. One is fearful and the other is frustrated and they BOTH are not showing themselves in the Best light.

For one thing, both dogs have the dreaded yellow mark on their kennel cards which is very misleading. Pookie is totally shell shocked having come from a home with an elderly woman who was around all the time. She eventually had to move to senior home where she couldn't have a dog. So poor little Pookie had to come to the shelter.

Pookie is rather introverted so far, but he likes people once he knows them a little. He sits very nicely with me and lets me handle him freely. He's such a little sweetheart, I feel so sorry for him...

Luckily, he likes his roommate Owen and he's doing okay with him other than picking up some "bad" habits like barrier aggression which doesn't look good if you're trying to see the dog's personality! He's not like that at all once out of the kennel, silly dog!

Now Owen, also a total cutie pie, is not really fearful like Pookie, but rather he is frustrated by the inability to interact freely with people. His response to this is barrier aggression which makes him seem kinda scary... But if you take him out of the kennel, he's a doll! He and I ran all around the yard and then I gave him a bath. He did very well on all counts and was extremely cute the whole time. I had no problems with him at all. I couldn't figure out why he's not been adopted!

But then I got some more info on his history... Apparently Owen should be the only dog and isn't great with kids. I haven't seen his bad behavior first hand but apparently he has some issues with becoming possessive of his people and his dog friends. Silly boy. But he's very food motivated and responsive so I'm confident with some training and behavior modification he can improve. He's a very young boy and very trainable. Don't let a good dog mind go to waste!

Owen needs to find a home soon... He's been at the shelter way too long!!!! He's been there since August!!!

Come meet these wonderful little dudes at the West LA Shelter today!

For more info:
Samantha Westbrook
New Hope Coordinator
West Los Angeles Animal Care Center
11361 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90064
Shelter: 213 485 0494/ 0495/ 0496
Cell: 213 7925811
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 7am - 4pm
Thursday 6.30am - 3.30pm

Friday, October 22, 2010

More excitment! LAAS reveals new FOSTER program for shelters!


City of Los Angeles s Department of Animal Services

221 N. Figueroa Street, Suite 500, Los Angeles, California 90012 www.LAAnimalServices.com

For Immediate Release

October 21, 2010

Contact: Brenda F. Barnette, General Manager

Email: Brenda.barnette@lacity.org Phone: (213) 482-9558


How You Can Help From Home

Immediate Foster Homes Needed! Our Animal Care Centers are filled to over flowing. You can become a volunteer hero by opening a spare room, garage or basement to an adult dog or cat that will benefit from home care and a break from the shelter! We will assign you a foster animal who matches your lifestyle and animal experience. Time commitment can range from one to eight weeks or occasionally longer. All you need is a room (even a bathroom) and some spare time. We will provide fosters with basic training, all supplies, any necessary medications, and access to someone to answer your questions.

To join the Foster Program, please call our West Valley Animal Care Center at (213) 485-8405, Harbor Animal Care Center at (213) 485-8755 or email ani.webmaster@lacity.org for more information. This is open to anyone who has a big heart and some extra room in your home!

About the Foster Parent Program:

Fostering is a rewarding and enriching experience, and is a great volunteer project for families or individuals who love animals but cannot commit to having a full-time animal companion. Fostering a cat or adult dog does take time, but not as much time as you might think. And a long term commitment isn’t necessary – even if you can only foster one time, you are still doing a wonderful thing by helping a cat or dog in need.

Said General Manager Brenda Barnette, "Our Los Angeles City Animal Care Centers have the most fabulous dogs and cats anywhere. Unfortunately, we have so many wonderful orphaned animals that we have run out of space and are not able to give them the time and attention they deserve while we find them a new home. You can help and you will truly be making a life-saving difference".

Perhaps you have been thinking about adding a dog or cat to your family but you just aren’t ready for the 15-20 year commitment? By fostering, you can provide temporary care for a dog, cat, puppy, or kitten all the while receiving satisfaction in knowing that without your help, these animals would have otherwise had no chance at all. Best of all, adult dogs and cats placed in foster care will be spayed or neutered before they go home with you and we promise to give your foster pet as long as it takes to get him or her a home of her own. More experienced fosters may raise and socialize puppies and kittens until they are 8 weeks old and ready to be spayed or neutered and adopted.

Please consider fostering a pet – you’ll be a hero for the animals and they will love you for it!

WLA celebrates National Pit Bull Awareness Day this weekend!

Come on down to the West LA Shelter this weekend to meet and learn about Pit Bulls! Who knows, you may find your soul mate at our shelter! See below for videos of a couple of WLA's wonderful Pit Bulls!

We are located at: 11361 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064 - very close to the 405 and 10 freeways!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

SUPERLATIVES ARE NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!! Luna A1159270 @ SLA shelter today

Luna (A1159270, 2 years, a sizable 60 pounds) is a miracle dog. This canine is categorically one of the best ever. Gentle, attentive, a great leash walker, an absolute people charmer who loves even the littlest baby, Luna was not ashamed in the least to be kissing another girl in the hallway. When her tongue came out and dusted Bessy's nose and mouth, then washed off every bit of dirt that might have been on or around her snout, everyone around had to giggle. Luna's so big and she's so gentle. Her fawn brindle coat is like velvet to the touch. A perfect therapy dog perhaps -- but definitely a fine example of how the most wonderful dogs wind up at the shelter. She needs to delight many more people -- as soon as possible. Best way is to adopt her today. Call the South L.A. shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119. And kindly let us know that her moonglow is lighting up your home.

With thanks, Andrea & Mindy ivegonetotheodogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2 GREAT dogs NEED a HOME TODAY: Romeo & Fiona at WLA

"Great Dog! Great Personality!" were the words used by one of the volunteer trainers in describing Fiona. Fiona is a young tan and white spayed pit bull terrier who was found running around with several other dogs near some stables. She has called the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter her home since June 13, 2010. She is thought to be about 1 1/2 yrs. old. Fiona is a high energy dog who loves to play in the yard. Chasing balls is one of the joys of her life. She does not show well in her shelter environment but once she gets out and experiences a little bit of freedom her true personality shines through. Her wish is to find a "forever" home and a yard of her very own where she could frolic and sniff to her heart's content. Fiona is stronger than she looks and needs leash training but she is a smart girl and would be an ideal candidate for training.

ROMEO - ID# A1118039

They tell me that my last day is Oct. 14, 2010. I don't understand why that has to be because my lady friends at the shelter both human and doggie think that I am sweet and handsome. Yes I do get along with the ladies! I love, love, love to play ball but you already know that. I'm smart so I know that I will soon learn to "leave it" when I'm told to do that but I do so love that ball. I have a lot of energy so I am the happiest when I can run but my volunteer friends compliment me on how nicely I walk. I'm only 1 1/2 yrs old and I need a chance to make someone happy. I've already been neutered so I'm ready to go to my "forever home" as soon as someone wonderful comes for me. Please help me go home!!!

To Adopt Fiona or Romeo:

Contact: Samantha Westbrook, NEW HOPE COORDINATOR
213-485-0494 / CELL 213-792-5811

West LA City Shelter 310-207-3266 Tues-Sat 8-5, Sun 11-5
11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064
Contact: Samantha Westbrook, NEW HOPE COORDINATOR

Friday, October 1, 2010

URGENT: Senior dog Franny at WLA needs a RESCUE today! ID# A1121217

Frannie ID# A1121217
$350 RAiSED SO FAR.....Rescue Only and not much time....
I LOVE LIFE!!! I love to play catch and chase the water!!
I'm 8 but I
still feel like a puppy....and the ladies at the shelter used to make me feel so special...

Franny is a beautiful 8 yr. old spayed female tan and white Labrador Retriever mix. She was found as a stray and has been at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter since June 5, 2010. Franny is a happy dog with the spirit of a puppy. She has a delightful personality and a very gentle temperament. Her tail wags constantly but especially when she is in the yard running or playing ball. She plays a mean game of catch and rarely misses and trying to catch water coming out of a hose is great fun for Franny. She is very easy to walk on leash and knows "sit". Sadly Franny is "rescue only" at this time because of an unfortunate incident where a child managed to stick his finger in her run and Franny bit him. Franny now has to pay the price for a parent's lack of supervision of their child. Franny is a lovely, sweet older dog who deserves to spend the last years of her life in the comfort of a home where she is loved and where someone will play ball with her. Please help Franny find her home.... She is too stressed at the shelter to really know how she is with other dogs so it's best that she is an only dog until a proper assessment can be done.

Frannie ID# A1121217
Please come visit Frannie at the West LA Shelter.
11361 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles 90064
Cell: 213 792 5811
Shelter: 213 485 0494/0495/0496
Hours: Tue-Sat: 8-5, Sun: 11-5, Closed Mondays