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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Shelter Pet Project Rocks! Check it out and spread the word!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Palomar Hotel Benefit Passover Event for Dogs 3/31!

On Wednesday, March 31st, Evanger’s Dog Food, the largest producer of Kosher Dog Food in the US, is sponsoring the largest Passover Seder for Dogs ever held. It’s to support Best Friends Animal Society and Los Angeles Animal Services and their tremendous efforts to find Loving Homes for Loving Dogs. This non-denominational Seder will be held at Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar in Westwood beginning at 6:30PM.

There are a few tickets still left. A donation of $50 would be appreciated for each ticket which is good for 1 dog and 1 human.

For more information please contact Vivian Mayer at VivianMayer@sbcglobal.net.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Just in from SLA: Linus A1095481 so brave & sweet!


Shelter: SOUTH L.A. Condition: APPR HLTHY Age: 2 YR, 0 MOWEIGHT: 58 LBS

This animal has been at the shelter since 03/05/2010 and on this list since 03/28/2010 .

This picture of Linus has a story behind it. The one before it was too grim and sad. It took me about a couple minutes to get him to crack this smile. Not because he isn't sweet- he is soooo sweet. Not because he isn't handsome- he is sooo handsome. Not because he isn't friendly or kind or gentle. He is all those things. But above all, he is scared.

Something bad happened to Linus. The wonderful ACT James helped me get him out of his kennel (he peed and shook in fear at first). He cowered, peeking over to see if we were nice, daring to take a step closer for a treat. James thought Linus had been terrorized. A little sunlight, calmness and our open hearts...boy did it do him good. His past may be dark, but his future can be bright.

I won't lie- Linus will need a bit of time, patience and TLC to continue coming out of his shell. But he deserves it! He is a good dog, not a mean bone in his body. He gets along great with his kennelmate, and he is gradually learning to trust. Now when I see him at the shelter, he comes up to the kennel, he gives the tiniest of kiss- he now knows what a friend is.

Please, I am begging for this dog's life to be spared. He is only 2 years old, a good looking Shepherd mix, a big lean boy who we are trying to fatten up (he is very thin). Watching a dog like Linus blossom in front of you and because of you, is fulfilling and worthwhile. I'm pleading for someone to teach Linus that he can show his love, and in fact get love in return as well. He is already on the alert list and doesn't have much time. He is in danger at the South LA Shelter - 3612 11th Avenue (213)-485-0117

A dog like Linus doesn't stand a chance without our network. Thank you for crossposting him, and for all you do to help these voiceless, voteless animals. Let's save this poor soul together- let's BE his security blanket.
Thanks- Katya, SLA volunteer

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Happy Ending Project: Sandi

Another in a series of stories written by volunteers about dogs they helped save. These stories illustrate the wonderful outcomes that are produced through our volunteers' commitment to saving these animals. I hope you will find them inspiring!

Sandi's original shelter photo

One of the Lucky Ones! by Mirja Bishop

Your browser may not support display of this image.

She sat in the corner of her run looking at the wall but every now and then sneaking a peak towards the front. Her eyes gazed at the floor almost as if she couldn’t deal with the reality around her. Dogs were barking and jumping up against the sides of their enclosures. She sat and stared not understanding what this was all about.

She was a sandy colored terrier mix named Petunia and reported to be 3 years old. That was all that I knew about her when I opened the door to her run. She looked at me first with fear, then her eyes softened and stared at me. I sat down next to her and soon could feel her warm body next to me. She leaned against my leg and sat quietly staring straight ahead. I spoke softly to her about how awful this must be. She allowed me to touch her so I gently stroked her coarse terrier fur. Treats were accepted without hesitation. That was a good beginning. As I sat quietly with Petunia, I realized how totally overwhelmed she was with her surroundings. The barking, the clanging of doors, the sight of dogs being taken back and forth, the sound of voices were too much for this little one to understand.

Later I learned that this was her first day at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter. She had been transferred here from the South LA Shelter where on April 25 she was surrendered by her owner. Petunia was pregnant, probably full term, and for reasons that I don’t understand she wasn’t wanted anymore. The puppies were aborted and her pregnancy was over – just like that! Thus began the journey that would eventually bring her to a shelter where her chances for adoption were greater.

On subsequent visits to the animal shelter where I volunteer, I would always stop to see Petunia and give her a treat. She was usually sitting at the entrance to her run staring straight ahead. She seemed to have come to terms with her existence. Petunia enjoyed being taken out to the grassy play area where she could romp and jump around on the grass like the happy puppy that she had once been. Unfortunately all of that would end soon enough when it came time for her to return to her run.

I felt certain that someone would adopt this sweet, cute little dog with the beard and the giant eyes accentuated by a dark circle making them appear even larger. She was the kind of dog that people like to adopt. She was medium sized, she was young and she was gentle. What else could anyone ask for? The days went by and still she waited.

On May 20 one of the other volunteers said words to me that would repeat in my head over and over for the next few days, “Mirja, this is your dog.” I had been waiting so long for another dog, waiting for what I don’t know, but waiting! I had seen many a dog that I had considered adopting but I was unable or unwilling to make a commitment and just DO it. I had become spoiled with the freedom that comes with no animal responsibility and yet I yearned for a dog of my own. On Friday May 22 when I awoke, I told myself that if she was still available I would adopt her. Well the rest is easy to figure. Petunia was renamed Sandi and on May 22, 2009 she became my dog.

As I type this story I look down at Sandi as she sleeps next to my chair. This is now the house where Sandi lives. She has stolen my heart and the heart of everyone she meets. She is a loving, silly, cute, friendly little girl who likes nothing more than to have her head scratched or her chest rubbed. She runs or rather lopes around her backyard; she chases the squirrels out of her yard and enjoys rolling in the grass. There are the walks around the block or better yet the walks in the park. There are people everywhere that she can lean against and whose hearts melt when she looks at them with her large doe eyes.

Yes, it took a long time for me to make the decision to adopt, but now I know why. Sandi was the dog meant for me and I was meant for her. I am truly the lucky one!

Mirja and Sandi at home!

Adopt, don't shop! Visit your local shelter and save a life today! www.laanimalservices.com

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tofu is a delight!

This is one cute doggie! Can you guess what kind of mix she is? If so, let me know cos I can't figure it out!!! She is so sweet and would be a great dog for just about anyone! Delightful!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sad news at WLA shelter: RIP Frederika

The lovely Frederika before she took ill

Frederika with her handler/trainer in the K9 Connection program.

She was a wonderful dog at the WLA shelter who participated in the K9 Connection program working with at risk kids. Frederika loved other dogs, kids and everyone she met. In return, she was loved by everyone.

Please donate in Frederika's honor as K9 Connection did so much for her and incurred some very high vet bills.

Please go to the K9 Connection website to donate: http://www.k9connection.org

Below is the email we received in regard to Fredrika.

As you know I came to the shelter to walk the k9 dogs with Rob and Roxanne on Sat. and Sam told me about Frederika's high fever and illness and took me to her. We at k9 decided we has to take her to ASEC on the good samaratin provision for treatment, and I transported her there. She was put on IV, antibiotic, oxygen and had a lung scan and her lungs were very wretched and full of liquid, having probably asperated at some point -as well as pnemonia.

They worked on her for quite a few hours, but called us and two vets confirmed she was suffering and we should let her go. We did.

The cost to k9 was more then $1,500.00 for the ICU care. The cost to the boy who trained and loved her has been a lot more then that. Pat, the other founder, told him today while he was with a therapist. He cried and we will work thru it more with him.

This is a first for k9, and I sure hope the last. We all truly loved Frederika and we are getting her ashes from Royal Pet Mortuary for a ceremony with the Vista youth in the future. Frederika had fun, was loved and worked miracles in her last weeks of life. She can rest easy knowing what a good girl she was to the very end.

We all thank you all at the shelter for the TLC and loyalty you give day in and day out. You all can rest easy knowing what miracles you work.

In sympathy and with gratitude,

katherine beattie
k9 connection, Co-Founder

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dog of the week: Sadie!

Sadie A0909848, 5 years old, Bull dog mix

What can I say, I am definitely partial to my girl Sadie. Over a year ago, Sadie found a home. It was a good home with a great family. I don't know what happened but somehow Sadie was picked up as a stray in South Central. She spent some time at the SLA shelter where she did really well sharing a kennel. However, no one came to claim her so there she sat...

This girl is super sweet. Sadie is a great example of a dog who was mis-labeled as dog aggressive. She is actually very dog friendly and people friendly. Not to mention kid friendly... She lived with 5 kids and a Pit Bull! She has it all and I can honestly say I would take her home if I didn't have the maximum number of dogs in LA.

I highly recommend everyone to get to know Sadie. I think she is one of those dogs that is just the coolest. Anyone and everyone would like her! That's right!

She's looking for someone who will make sure she's safe and sound for the rest of her life.


Puppy Named 'Hope' Saved From Abuse, Certain Death

Puppy Named 'Hope' Saved From Abuse, Certain Death

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Happy Ending Project: Princess Lucy!

Another in a series of stories written by volunteers about dogs they helped save. These stories illustrate the wonderful outcomes that are produced through our volunteers' commitment to saving these animals. I hope you will find them inspiring!

Photo of Princess by Seth Casteel

The Lucy Inside of Princess

The word striking comes to mind when I think of Princess. You couldn’t help notice her dramatic coal-rimmed eyes. Her coloring was a lovely shade of sable and she had large distinctive ears. Princess was a gorgeous dog, almost exotic looking. So what was she doing at the shelter?

Princess came to the shelter as a stray without a microchip. She did have a collar but no tags. She was now alone in the world and at the mercy of the shelter. Sure she was pretty, but would that be enough?

The shelter was crowded and so many dogs needed help. A couple of volunteers took out Princess out, but she was not the "ideal" shelter dog. Our girl was a little wild at heart and needed some guidance to improve her chances. Training and socialization would be necessary for her to go home.

Okay, so we’ve heard this story before. Some wonderful volunteer saves the dog from certain death and then the dog gets a home. If only it had been that simple with Princess!

Oh man, she was a handful! Poor Princess stressed herself out so much that after a few months she was losing weight and starting to look sickly. She would spin feverishly in her kennel whenever other dogs walked by. Even worse, she was acting a little aggressive when shelter staff went into her kennel.

Frankly, even with all her charm and beauty Princess was just not adoption material at this point. Shelter staff didn’t know her history so how could they say that her behavior was temporary? As a result, it was decided that her days were coming to a close. What now?

Thanks to a nice donation to cover boarding expenses, a small rescue called Dogs Without Boarders decided to take a chance on Princess. But without the proper training what could they do to help her make the transition from shelter dog to family pet? Having Princess stay in boarding was not an option.

Okay, this is where the heroic volunteers come into it.

Out of pure frustration and fear, a volunteer decided to put her money where her mouth was and pay the big bucks for professional training in a boarding situation. Princess was fortunate enough to end up in the capable hands of Brandon Fouche, a dog behaviorist in Downtown LA. Known for his ability to rehabilitate aggressive dogs, Brandon’s place seemed like the safest haven for Princess.

Thousands of dollars later, after six months of boarding, rehab and a host of medical treatments to get her weight back up, Princess was looking good. She had responded well to training and she seemed a lot happier. The volunteers had run out of money to support her in boarding so they decided that it was time to move on. But where?

Since Princess was over her dog-aggressive behavior (fingers crossed), one of the volunteers decided to take the chance and bring her home. Princess met a big dog, a little dog and another little dog and…she did great! Phew! Next on the agenda was creating a game plan to find this girl a real home. First stop was the volunteer's workplace.

Visiting her foster’s office for the day, Princess lured in many admirers. I mean she still had those alluring coal-rimmed eyes! Before long, people inquired and checked her out, some contemplated having a new dog. Then Princess met Patrick, the man of her dreams. Boy, did she like him. Finally, Patrick said the magic words, “I’ll take her!”

The rest is a perfect love story. Thanks to Patrick, Princess became the Lucy that she was meant to be and that he had always wanted. Lucy hikes with him on a daily basis, plays with other dogs, both big and small, and sleeps in his bed. She has totally stolen his heart. Patrick has made a real commitment to Lucy and, as a result, they have been living happily ever after.

Patrick & Lucy (formerly Princess)

Adopt, don't Shop!

Save a life, go to www.laanimalservices.com

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cool Animal Rescue stamps! Buy 'em!

This just in from SLA: Ariel A1093007 Urgent!

Ariel (A1093007

2 years old, with a
yummy chocolate / white coat, on alert since March 7th -- and way, way out of time!!!) is a good girl. Plain and simple. She's got all the qualities you want in a friend -- faithfulness, affection, a sense of fun. A bit shy at first -- and certainly not one to pose for the paparazzi -- Ariel is loving with everyone she meets. Kenneled with other dogs, she is on the submissive side and lets others take the spotlight. Though some might easily pass her by, Ariel was special enough to have been chosen for our SLA training program. She's too sweet for the shelter but just right to sit in your lap. She's too quiet for the kennels but just right to steal your heart. Please consider this soulful angel. Call the South L.A. shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119. And kindly let us know if you can save her life.

Thanks for caring about shelter dogs, Andrea & Mindy
ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just in from SLA: Brandy A1094051

Brandy A1094051 at South LA

Katya from South is networking this beauty, here is what she has to say:

I was there when Brandy was surrendered on February 27th. Her former mom seemed choked up to leave her. I asked her some questions and got some answers: Yes, Brandy was good with other dogs. Yes, she was potty trained. Yes, she loves people, loves to play, and loves to doze off on the carpet in the sun by the window. So what's the problem, I asked? No answer this time...

Brandy is stressed to the max at South LA Shelter- and it's showing. She is dying for some affection, so she may bark. She is not sure if she is safe, so she might growl a little at first when around other dogs...but as those who were at Woofstock last weekend can confirm, in a few minutes she mellows out and is back to being the nice pup she is- enjoying her time with other dogs and trusting of everyone. She also gets along well with her kennelmates, no problems to report. Barking and growling are normal canine communication skills for discomfort- should Brandy be left to die because she uses them?Should she perish for being unsure of this new world of hurt she finds herself living in?

To me, Brandy represents the saddest shelter tale: easy going, well balanced dog gets dumped at the shelter, and due to weeks of stress and unknowns and fear and confined spaces, her behavior starts to go downhill. THIS DOES NOT MEAN HER WAYS ARE RUINED! With a little consistency and love, with a regular schedule and a home of her own, Brandy will get back to the dog she is at her core. She is not a bad dog, she is not a ruined girl- she just needs a family to lead her and to belong to again.

PLEASE help Brandy get out of South LA. She's a beautiful brown dog, like those we all know and love, and she's already spayed. Best of all, she is a wiggly, happy soul and she will bring you more joy than any glass of Remy Martin ever could. Thank you for networking Brandy. Please let me know if you can help her katya105@aol.com

South LA Shelter:
3612 11th Avenue, LA 90018
Tuesday - Saturday (8AM - 5PM)
Sunday (11AM - 5PM)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dog of the Week! Mandy, she's a fine girl...

Mandy A1090382, German Shepherd, 5 years old

Mandy is a lovely girl who really likes people. She takes instruction very well and responds to corrections easily. A typical Shepherd personality, she can be a little high strung. Mandy isn't great in stressful situations and generally just wants to be relaxing with her people. That said, she isn't really a couch potato or anything like that. She has energy and loves walks!

Mandy has a beautiful face and coat, so soft! I really enjoyed handling her as she connects very quickly with whomever has the leash. Her teeth are in very good shape so she could be younger than listed at the shelter.

My gut feeling about this dog is that she'd do well in a family situation or with a single. I think once she's in a home and her confidence improves, she'll be a lot calmer. The shelter has been very challenging for her as it is for most Shepherds.

Mandy already knows "sit" and "down" and has very good attention, even with distractions. She did well when approached by children and didn't have an issue with being petted by different people. Like I said, she's a people dog!

What she didn't like was when dogs got in her face without proper introductions. She also reacted when another dog jumped on her. However, she doesn't go after other dogs and wasn't "aggressive." We hung around with a few dogs in close proximity without a problem. I've only seen her in public at an adoption event and she basically did very well for a Shepherd.

Come meet Mandy and all the other amazing animals at the West LA Animal Shelter!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Happy Ending Project: Eli's coming...

Another in a series of stories written by volunteers about dogs they helped save. These stories illustrate the wonderful outcomes that are produced through our volunteers' commitment to saving these animals. I hope you will find them inspiring!


Eli’s Allies

Eli was the typical big black dog, stuck at the shelter because he just didn’t have the looks that people were after, maybe a little too scary. Other than his being big and black (statistically the hardest dogs to re-home), he also looked like a Pit bull. What other reason could explain why he languished for so long at the West LA Shelter?

It all started at the old West LA shelter when Eli first arrived. When one of the volunteers took him out for the first time, they noted that “he seems like a great family dog!” Hey, that’s a good start for a shelter dog!

But somehow he went unnoticed by all the families who came to adopt from the shelter. After a few MONTHS of sitting around, Eli started getting what we call “kennel crazy” which means a dog is becoming more anxious, neurotic and sometimes aggressive. Eli was even charged with “unnecessary roughness” one day playing with a volunteer (even though he really meant no harm).

Once a dog is labeled as unpredictable at the shelter, it can be extremely difficult to get him adopted, especially a big black Pit Bull looking dog. That said, the shelter was patient and the volunteers kept campaigning for him in hopes that he would suddenly connect with the right person.

Nevertheless, time marched on without mercy. Eli was headed towards the red list.

Once Eli was on the red-list, things started looking pretty grim for our boy. He was more nervous than ever and he seemed miserable being confined to his kennel. This is about the time we start to wonder if it is too cruel to keep a dog in captivity for that long. He was so unhappy and was not getting the attention that he so desperately needed. Yet, we kept networking and hoping that Eli’s ship would come in…

Finally, good news! One of the shelter employees found someone who was willing to take Eli. He would be living on a big property with lots of freedom to roam around outside. With high hopes, we bid Eli good-by and good luck…fingers crossed!

We kept getting updates about Eli and although it didn’t sound like the perfect situation for Eli, it was certainly better than the alternative! A few weeks later, he was back. It turned out he had some issues with chickens…

Sadder than ever, poor Eli sat alone staring out of his kennel.

sad Eli at the shelter

Weeks went by and Eli did not get adopted. This second round was more brutal than the first. Sure, a few people looked at him but he just wasn’t the right fit and at this point he just seemed like a square peg. We all worried about what would become of him?

Scheduled for death, we all held our breath. Would all the networking help? Did he have a chance?

At the eleventh hour, Fresno Bully Rescue came to his rescue and swept him off to his new temporary home. The greatest thing was that he was going into a foster home and apparently that’s what this boy really needed!

Human companionship was the key to Eli finding a home. He LOVED being a house dog, being with his person and sleeping on soft beds. He quickly calmed down and became himself again; just like the Eli we first met at the shelter so many months before.

Eli at his foster home

Eli did great in his loving foster home. It didn't take very long before he had a permanent home and loving family. Eli, the big black Pit Bullish dog, was now someone’s pet, companion and the love of their life!

Eli chillaxing at his new home!

Thinking about Eli always gives me hope for our long termers at the shelter… There is a home for EVERY dog, we just have to find it!

*beautiful picture of Eli by photographer Seth Casteel


Adopt don't shop!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Marc de Luna saga continues

Just in from Evidence of Love, there are still 10 dogs awaiting rescue or adoption from the horrible Marc de Luna mess!

Please read their message and network these guys as much as you can!

There are still 10 dogs remaining at the SEAACA shelter that came from the Marc de Luna cruelty case. These dogs have been at the SEAACA shelter for about three months now. One dog has already been euthanized.

This is really urgent that the remaining 10 dogs get rescued, adopted, fostered to good families as soon as possible. All these dogs are very loving, adoptable dogs that have endured such severe hardships that they deserve to live a good life. Pls forward this email to all your friends and family that can help in any way by adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating to help pay for medical expenses for these dogs.

To see the complete list of dogs go to http://www.EvidenceOfLove.org/SEAACA_Shelter

Hi, my name is Brittany. Im a young female 2 yrs old brindle pit mix. I have soulful eyes that will look right into your heart. Despite living on the streets and have such a hard life, I have let go of the past and looking forward to starting a new life with my forever family. I sit well for treats and walk really easy on a leash. I would make a great companion dog as I am very loyal and loving. I have been vaccinated, micro-chipped and ready to go home immediately. I am still at the shelter and waiting for my forever family to come get me and take me home. Pls adopt me and I will show you how much love I can share with you.

To meet me in person or to get more info about me, please contact:
Stella | Evidence of Love Animal Care | Tel (818) 349-4100

The new Chelsea Handler book! Cover-dog Guiness!

Chelsea and her dog Chunk (formerly Guiness, a shelter dog!)
see the full article from March 4th!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dogs of the Week! girls girls girls

It's really hard to narrow it down to a few dogs to post this week. I mean there are a slew of black doggies who have been at the shelter too darn long. Also some pitties. But then I have a couple of incredible females that may not be the most glamorous but they are the sweetest!

I'm going with the chicks...

Annie A1081536 Rottweiler Female 5 years old

Who is cuter than Annie? NO ONE! She is such a good girl and so so chubby! She's definitely overweight, but it doesn't stop her from being adorable and playful. She has such a terrific personality! She loves a plush squeaky toy and will even run... a little bit... to play with it! Of course, she is loving the belly rubs! She is a riot!

A couple of things, Annie does have a strong prey drive so cats and small dogs are probably not going to work with her, unless YOU really know what you are doing. She would do best with a male dog friend.

Otherwise, she loves all people and being in the spotlight. Please give this girl a chance to show you how sweet she is!

Tofu A1082182 Terrier mix 2 years old

This girl is crazy cute! She looks like something out of a Star Wars movie. She's all fuzzy like a stuffed toy. Her hair color is a melange of brown, black, gray, white... Then her eyes are this impossible shade of brown! She doesn't look like any other dog that I've seen. She is super cool!

Her personality has evolved quite a bit since she first arrived at WLA. Hey, she was a little upset that she was now in doggie jail, what happened??? Tofu has made a lot of progress since then. Now she loves everyone and wags her tail happily. She's also gained a little weight! She loves to sit on my foot, so I know!

Very neat dog, not sure how she does with kids or cats but she's good around other dogs. She's very responsive to correction and food motivated. She's ready to be trained and be your new best friend... What do you think?

Jenny 1085117 Lab mix 8 years old

Jenny definitely has her fans. She is the sweetest lady, just so easy going and nice. She's very happy to see you any time! Boy and she loves her food! This is a lovely dog who could be a wonderful companion for any person with a heart. Seniors would love her as she is calm and delightful to be around.

Admittedly, she has her flaws. Her mouth is a little hard, but that's workable just watch your fingers! She also has a growth on her face that may need to be removed. Come on, are you perfect????

This girl deserves a home to live out her best years! Don't let this chick die at the shelter.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Happy Ending Project: Guiness!!

Another in a series of stories written by volunteers about dogs they helped save. These stories illustrate the wonderful outcomes that are produced through our volunteers' commitment to saving these animals. I hope you will find them inspiring!

Guiness at the Shelter before his rescue

Guiness Lately by Marda Winnick

Blanche DuBois wasn't the only one who came to depend on "the kindness of strangers." Such was the story of Guiness, a 7-year-old Chow Chow/German Shepherd mix, who wound up at the West LA Shelter last summer.

Beset with some behavioral issues early on, his reputation was that of a problem dog. No one gave him much chance for a happy outcome.

But one day he caught the eye of a shelter volunteer who began to form a bond and work with him. He proved to be an affectionate, eager-to-please learner, whose problems began to disappear. But before he could be adopted, he was transferred to another shelter, where he was soon red listed.

Thus began a frantic race against time by the volunteer to save him. The usual suspects were contacted—Chow Chow and other rescue groups, networking websites, and more—but at each turn she was met with the recession-based realities of filled-to-the-rafters rescue groups and too many dogs for too few available homes.

As the clock ticked down, an amazing thing began to happen. Amidst the din of all the dogs needing help, Guiness' story took on a life of its own. Rescue organizations and networking sites went to bat for him; total strangers pledged money to any rescue group willing to pull him; some unknown person posted his story and photo at a pet store in Burbank; and a Los Angeles Times reporter featured his story on her online blog (the beginning of Guiness' "show biz career").

Tick, tick, tick. Two days left to Guiness' life, with no more reprieves possible.

Hope rising and being dashed, it seemed like a roller coaster ride without a seat belt. Several "maybe interested" parties popped up along the way, then fell through. A rescue group was ready to board him using the donated funds; that fell through. At the last minute, through the untiring efforts of ResQPet, a rescue group was found that would take him. He'd at least be out of harm's way, but facing an unknown future.

But then, the magic moment. A networking site was contacted by an interested party. No maybe; touched by his story, someone wanted Guiness.

And thus began the rest of his show biz life. Guiness, now known as Chunk, has "inked a long-term contract" with comedian Chelsea Handler, host of the hit late-night comedy show Chelsea Lately and best-selling author.

Her latest book, Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang, comes out on March 9. (Hey, for providing our boy with a fairy-tale ending, a plug is the least we can do....) And, by the way, guess who is on the cover with her—none other than Chunk!

Lucky Chunk enjoys the dog's version of "the life of Riley." He has appeared on Chelsea's show and gets to spend his days at the office, where he is loved by all and receives more attention than any dog could ask for. And it's clear to all who see Chelsea with him the special bond these two share.

CHELSEA AND CHUNK (formerly Guiness)
Owning a dog can have a way of changing not only the dog's life, but also its owner's—in many forms. Notes Chelsea, "Chunk has made me a mother and I promised I would never let that happen. I also promised I would never sleep in the same bed as a dog, but I do that too."

And on the serious side, " I love Chunk and everybody who meets him loves him. Now, I want more dogs." Uh, Chelsea, Chelsea, hint, hint, when you are ready, we know where you can find more wonderful dogs like Chunk.

Who could have imagined a better Hollywood ending: from shelter red-lister to Hollywood A-lister!

Save a Life, Adopt a Pet!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Luv The Shelter Pet Project!!!

I think every week I'm going to remind EVERYONE
about this amazing ad campaign!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hope for Hope? Please circulate! Urgent!!

Hope A1092173

Hope is a 9 year old shepherd mix. She's a wonderful dog who loves people and other dogs. Hope has been described as "easy" and "loving." What would it take to get this dog into your life? She's as nice as they come, she's not too big and very quiet. She's happy to hang out and isn't super picky about much of anything... She just needs your commitment to making a home for her.
This dog deserves the GREATEST home ever, but she'll take a pretty good one...
Please contact the South LA Shelter immediately if you are interested as she's running out of time.

I love Cashew and you will too! Please circulate!

Here, have a Cashew. He's a tasty and delicious tiny treat...

Cashew being relinquished by his owner... sad.

Cashew A1091382, Pitbull, small, 8 months old!

$125 on Cashew! Please keep networking this tender soul. 34 lbs of brown sugar he is and we must help save him!

Here is what Kayta has to say about this pooch:

I was there when Cashew was being dumped by his owner - the day before Valentine's. The man didn't care that Cashew was scared, that he'd be the 100th Pitbull there, that he had to pull him on the rope (not leash) he had for him to get him through the door of South LA shelter.

Cashew is as gentle as a dog can be. He is timid and tender, sensitive and sweet. He is kenneled with a bolder, barkier dog and Cashew has made friends with him nonetheless. He would make friends with any dog, as Cashew never wants to make waves. This dog would get along with anyone - he would not hurt a fly! I don't know what Cashew has seen or been through to make him so shy and unsure, but I do know that in the 2 weeks he has been there, he has learned what a kind han
d feels like and he has learned to trust me on our walks together. He has also learned to enjoy the grass, to close his eyes with joy when I pet him, and even learned how to give kisses.
Cashew MUST be saved! For the love of Pitties everywhere, please, we must rescue this boy together! He needs a kind home, he needs some time and patience to come out of his shell, he needs to learn to play like an 8 month old pup should, but never could, before. He is so handsome with those green eyes and caramel coloring...and best of all he has a heart of gold. With love and care, he would no doubt bloom and be the most wonderful of pets.

Help me network Cashew! He has years of love to give if we help him - and he is on the alert list so he needs out asap. Time is of the essence, especially with all the animals coming in lately. Thank you for caring about Cashew.

South LA Shelter:
3612 11th Ave, 90018