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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Three Dog Day

Bad Picture Alert!

Please be aware that the following pictures are not for the skittish... They were taken by Shelter Staff! Noooooo, not that! Thats UNFAIR to animals everywhere!!! Seth Casteel, where are youUUUUUUUUU?

Just kidding, the Shelter can't help it, they are NOT photographers... But these are bad.

Anyway, just a quickie. I spent the day with the three cutest doggies today. We were out front of Kirby's Pet Depot in Mar Vista. It was a little chilly, but fun none the less as we shnuggled together in our little pen. These pictures don't do these cuties any justice, so beware!

Chi Chi A09601888

Don't let ChiChi fool you. She's a babe. Oh, she wants you to think that she's a little snarky and dominant...heh heh, but no, she's a poser. This is a very sweet little girl who likes to wear cute little t-shirts, sit on your lap 24/7 and lick your nose every now and again. Oh, she's a watch dog all right, especially when she CAN'T meet the neighborhood dog cuties. In between she's making you love her and then she gets to be a dog. I guess what I'm saying here is she's a character and a total baby cake. Plus, ChiChi does that magical thing where a dog pees standing up on her two front paws. Amazing!

Betty A0982196

Betty is a diamond in the rough. She just needs to feel trust towards someone special. Very quiet and demure right now, Betty's going to blossom before your eyes once you get her home for a few days. Betty is a Chihuahua mix of sorts. You can't see her cute wavy fur and freckles here. I could even see just in the short hours I spent with her that she was learning to be a dog and run with the crowd. This kid is practically a pup, she's only about a year old. She's a little shy with people initially, but warms up once she sees that you are a friend. So adorable, you'll love her, she's an easy one.

Pee Wee A0970820

Wow, this picture sums it up, Pee Wee is scared. He's a tiny little guy with a bit of a gut. Not sure what happened to him but he ended up at the shelter. To prove that he isn't afraid, Pee Wee is always active and on alert. He can be a little nippy so I don't advise this cutie for youngsters, but fine for adults. He doesn't really bite, just mouthy. If you are a lover of Chihuahuas, you'll really enjoy this little guy. The coolest thing I discovered about him today was that he likes to play fetch. How cute is that? He was making me laugh so much with his funny little antics. I was really enamored with him. Anyway, not for everyone obviously, but for those of us who love the challenge of the scaredy little guy who is so cute and funny that a little nip here and there just adds to his character.

You can find all these dogs at the WLA Animal Shelter: www.laanimalshelter.com

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Train your dog!

Wonderful happy dogs at West LA!

I have many pet peeves when it comes to dogs. Not with the dogs though, but with the people associated with them. The Shelter is where you see the best and the worst of human nature.

I'm so disturbed by people who give up on their newly adopted dog after a couple of days. That doesn't make any sense at all. If you are interested in adopting a dog from the shelter, you need to be willing to commit to at least a month to at least begin to get to know each other.

Believe me, I understand what it takes to keep a dog who isn't working out within your lifestyle, family, or existing dogs. I've been though it. You can work it out in most cases with patience and understanding. Oh, and of course, training!!!!!!!

Don't be surprised when a shelter dog has separation anxiety, nervousness and other behavioral issues. These kinds of issues come up when you get a dog who has gone through something traumatic. Shelter dogs deserve more than a day or two of your time. Behavior issues are part of having a dog in your life. Train your dog, be consistent and don't be a quitter. You will be rewarded with unconditional love and loyalty if you stand by your dog.

Oliver A0764380

Meet Oliver, he's some kind of Shepherd mix who is about 2-3 years old. He's a larger medium size. This guy is a total lover! He is super friendly with both people and dogs. He's always happy to see you. He was adopted but returned because he was too "hyper." If I had a nickel for every time someone uses that reason for a return. Duh, he's dog, he wants to do stuff, he's excited in a new environment, GIVE THIS GUY A BREAK! He's so cute and such a good boy. Anyway, if you are looking for a dog with personality plus, lots of happy energy for play and hiking, Oliver is your man. Definitely not a dog for the lazy at heart. He may need some work on his leash manners but that's no biggie.

Buddy A0413332

Buddy is so gorgeous and sweet, I think he's really special. I saw him and instantly fell in love! First off, he is tall and lanky like a sight hound. Not sure what the mix is but he sure is pretty! And can he run! He loves to chase a ball and he does it with such style and grace. Everyone who saw him running was enchanted. Believe it or not, Buddy's story is kind of sad. He belonged to someone who kept him outside all day and night (boo hiss) and then after 7 years left him at the shelter. The people never bothered to train him so he doesn't know obedience at all. Still, he's such a nice dog. He's easy to handle, I had no problems with him at all. He was a little shy at first but that's normal. After throwing the ball a bit he warmed up nicely. He would be a wonderful dog for someone with a yard and who is active.

Sabrina A0948885

I had to add Sabrina today. This picture is so funny and sooo Sabrina. She is a youngster around 2 years old. She is the typical Pit Bull personality, all boingie and silly. So cute! I would love to see her go to someone who knows Pits and can give her the loving guidance that she needs. Sabrina responds well to verbal corrections and is a very willing student. I think she would be an amazing companion as long as the person TRAINS her. No lazy people who don't think they can afford to pay for training. I know that's harsh, but sorry, I've seen it too many times. You put an untrained Pittie with their energy and excitability into the world with no guidance, it's an accident waiting to happen. With training this girl is a perfect 10!

Patch A0953371

Patch has the sweetest face. All he needs is some love. This guy was a stray and came in to the shelter all dirty and full of ticks, what a mess. He was a full of false bravado due to fear so he just seemed like another scary Pit Bull. Wrong! This is a very sweet and shy dog. Now that he's calmed down and is finding that there are people who want to help him, his vulnerable side is coming through. This guy is just scared and unsure of new people and other animals. The amazing thing about this guy is that he will just lean against you looking for your protection. It's as if he thinks he is a puppy. I've seen this before with dogs who didn't receive proper socialization and it's akin to arrested development. With training and patience he can be a stellar dog. We are still learning about him, but I feel that he has a lot of potential and is just adorable. Definitely a dog for someone who knows Pit Bulls and has worked with shyness issues. So, not a good choice for a newbie.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Miracles take Money

Nicole, now named Sophie, was rescued by Much Love!

We thought for sure that this girl was a goner. Nicole was an older deaf dog who had been in the shelter system for months. To add to her troubles, this beautiful Dalmatian injured her back (we think) and has lost the use of her back legs! She was in Isolation at the shelter and being given pain meds for the last week. She was very unhappy and had stopped eating!

As a last ditch effort, the shelter sent out a plea on this girls behalf otherwise she was going to be euthanized. There was a lot of hope behind this dog since she was nothing else but sweet and lovable. No one wanted to see her life cut short even with this huge problem that had reared it's ugly head! Now she is at a foster home and will be treated for her physical problems.

Much Love was so generous to take her. If you can, please donate to Much Love so they can help Sophie (Nicole) get back on her feet and live out her life!

Lot's of other really exciting developments last few weeks as well. Some of the highlights were:
  • Jonesy was bailed out and fostered by one of the WLA volunteers!
  • Carmen, one of our oldest dogs at WLA, was adopted!
  • Lisa, the shy Jindo who spent weeks not even being shown, was adopted!!
  • Zero, a wonderful Black Lab, who got into some big TROUBLE at WLA and was labeled "rescue only," got rescued despite the mark on his record!
  • Casper, our gorgeous white pit bull who is deaf, found his place at a rescue!
  • Tiger found an amazing home and was renamed Sweety!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Urgent! Save Jonesy

A Heartfelt Plea for Jonesy #A0932129


I have asked Samantha to forward this to you to provide a fuller picture of Jonesy, in hopes you will agree that he deserves to get another chance at life. As you may be aware, his time at our shelter is very limited. I have worked with many dogs as a volunteer, but never have I met such a challenge--or found such reward--as with Jonesy.

When he arrived at our shelter in March, Jonesy was a dog so withdrawn in fear that he could only cower--shaking--in the darkness of his kennel, not even able to look at me. Soon thereafter he was adopted. His new owner apparently did not understand how to work with his fearfulness and unfortunately was bitten, prompting the dog's return.
That's the short history that got him branded "rescue only."

When Jonesy was placed back in the general population in July, I volunteered to work with him on his issues. Still too fearful to come out from his dark haven or to look at me, I simply sat in the kennel, time after time, talking to him. Finally he inched out a few times until he got the courage to stand by me, eventually letting me pet him, attention he now craves.

Little by little he finally learned to trust me. I do not fear that I will
be bitten. I have introduced him to other volunteers who both walk and pet him without incident. He still has some fearfulness/shyness issues, but makes progress each time I work with him. I am truly encouraged. If he has learned to trust me, he can do so with others.

Jonesy's story is truly an inspirational one. I have watched him balance his fear of people against his desire for human contact--and make that crucial decision to take a chance on humans. Whether in humans or animals, that takes a LOT of courage.

And that is why I am writing.

If this dog is willing to overcome his fears and exhibit that kind of
courage, he is truly motivated. I know I don't have to tell you how important that is. He's doing his part.

Now I am asking that a group be willing to rescue Jonesy. I know you are all overwhelmed with dogs and such requests, but I am willing to foster him for the while and continue to work on training him to make him more adoptable. (Adding to the adoptability issue, Jonesy is both cute and small.)

I am a former non-profit fundraiser. If one of you will rescue him, I will be happy to help advise you on fundraising issues for your organization.

To all Rescues, here you have a request that not only gives you many reasons why you should rescue this little dog, but a person willing and able to foster and help rehabilitate him. There's no reason not to help!

Please pass along to everyone you know! Jonesy's days are numbered.