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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dogs of the week: Bixby & Lucas!

Bixby A1084901, Bull Terrier mix, Medium, 1 year

It was my pleasure yesterday to spend a good part of a day with the adorable B&W Bull Terrier mix Bixby. He is not only adorable but a VERY good dog.

First off, he was surrounded by little doggies, two of whom had no use for Bixby whatsoever. Hey, what did he ever do to them? Well, you know how those littles can be especially when there is the Chihuahua gene in there. Now Chi lovers don't get mad, you know I love the snarkiest Chihuahuas but they can be very intolerant of big goofy dogs who want to play.

Case in point, our little Chi mix Dutch (about 10 lbs) decided he would be very judgmental about Bixby and gave him a hard time. He even tried to bite him! And what did Bixby do? He totally backed down. Bixby didn't want to mess with Dutch, he was too scary for him! :-)

Bixby really likes dogs of all sizes and would like nothing better to play with all of them! However, he does enjoy hanging out with his peeps too. In fact, chewing on a bully stick sounds like a good time to him.

He is a bit of a puller on leash right now, but he responded great to a gentle leader so he's not out of control. Plus, he's just a puppy so he will soak up any training that you give him. He could be a good match for a family with bigger kids and of course an active couple or single would work for him too.

He's really so cute and well behaved. He's even in the K9 Connection program that I frequently mention which attests to his good temperament.

Come see him at the West LA shelter!

Lucas A1089596, GSD, Large, 3 years

Lucas is a gorgeous GSD who is a wonderful dog. Problem is that you'd never know it if you walk up to his kennel. He'll bark and act like he doesn't want the company, but if you ignore his barking and take him out, he is heaven! Silly dog, he just wants to be friends!

Trainer Robert Cabral made a really great video of him and you can see what a cool dog he is! I mean this guy is awesome!! Robert is totally smitten with him.

One thing that doesn't come across in the video is that Lucas is house trained and will hold it for as long as possible to avoid going in his kennel. What a good boy! Lucas would be a wonderful family companion.

Here is Robert's video and I think you'll agree this boy is a keeper!


Friday, February 26, 2010

The Happy Ending Project: Paulo!

Paulo was one of those special dogs. He was unique looking and his personality was, well, funny to say the least. I guess you could say that he had personality plus and then some! Every one of the volunteers was familiar with his silly antics and loved him all the more for them.

To say Paulo was loved by the volunteers would be an understatement. He was one of those very special dogs that we will always remember.

First off, he was adorable. His sad little face would just look at you with such longing that you couldn't refuse him. This got him out of his kennel more often than not.

Probably one of his cutest attributes was his chattering teeth when he was excited, which was most of the time. It was like he was just trembling with anticipation and couldn't control himself. This cracked up all the volunteers! He was such a nut!

He also had a funny habit of destroying our treat bags to get at those treats. In fact, he was way too excited most of the time which made it a little hard to see him going home with just anybody. We were so worried that he might be misunderstood with these silly behaviors of his and we felt very protective of him.

I don't think people realize sometimes how attached we get to our dogs at the shelter. Paulo was at WLA for many months. Far longer than most dogs in fact. We want our dogs to be adopted, but to the RIGHT person. We just don't want to see something go wrong and, believe me, we have seen that happen. So needless to say, we were sweating this one...

You know, you often hear that it takes "a village" to accomplish something meaningful and I would have to say that is true about finding our Paulo a home. As gorgeous and funny as he was, it seemed like no one was willing to take the leap and bring him home. However, thanks to many the believers and fans of Paulo, he eventually found the perfect home!

First we had beautiful professional photos taken of Paulo by Seth Casteel. They really captured Paulo's wacky personality and unusual look. Seth always does such a terrific job showing our dogs in their best light. (pix at the top)

Then a good friend of the WLA shelter, Robert Cabral of Bound Angels decided that he would do a video of Paulo showing what a cool dog he was and how he would make a terrific companion. The video caught the attention of another good friend, Helen Storey, who then promoted it further on her wonderful website "The Wuffington Wag." The friends of the shelter came through once again!

As a result, the perfect person soon came forward. He was someone who knew Pit bulls and was totally at ease with Paulo's funny behavior. This guy got it! It was such an amazing match!

Once Paulo was home, his name was changed to Spanky which was totally fitting. Mr. Spanky was settling in quite nicely and we were all soooo relieved. What a great new beginning for Paulo/Spanky!

Then, an even more exciting development for Spanky followed. This was the addition of a girlfriend!! Dora, an East Valley shelter dog was added to the family and love was in the air!

Dora and Spanky, Spanky and Dora, they were a perfect match made in heaven.

In all the months that Paulo languished at the shelter who would've imagined that he would end up with a wonderful home with people who not only understand him, but appreciate him? Then add a sweet friend to keep him company, holy moly!!!

Paulo aka Spanky hit the jackpot I'd say!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's matter with Brown Mutts anyway????

Katya and Emily, it's a love fest!

My really good friend Katya (www.sheltershopper.com) who loves shelter dogs as much as I do wants to know what the problem is! Her favorite dogs at South LA just happened to be brown. They are super sweet and wonderful. Here is what she has to say about these 3 brown kids who are really on their last day at the shelter!

BROWN DOGS. That's all people see when they walk by their kennels. Just brown dogs, mutts, not puppies and not fluffies. Little do they know they are walking by some pretty amazing dogs! These 3 brown mutts are more than just nondescript mixes- they are good dogs, loving, and beautiful- inside and out. They like other dogs and want nothing but a friend of their own and a warm, soft place. Smooch A1089917 - 3 yrs old - medium size

Smooch is absolutely darling. He is like a giant teddy bear that walks! In his kennel he's shy, but once he steps out and looks into your eyes and sees friendship, he comes out of his shell in the cutest of ways! He smiles. He smooches. He snuggles. Smooch doesn't make a peep, and he's lived with many kennelmates just fine. He's been there since early Feb and is now depressed...people walk by him and they just keep walking, seeing nothing but a sad brown dog. We know they're wrong, don't we? At only 3 years old and neutered, Smooch is ready to go home. He has years of love to give - and we want him to be loved too, please. Time is of the essence for Smooch- he is now on the New Hope list.

Hope A1092173, 8 years old, medium size

Got Hope? This sweet girl is just a heartbreaker. She is mellow and easy, and her favorite things are treats and scratches behind her ears. Hope is the kind of dog you wouldn't even know is at your house! She is a gem, and is kind to both people and other dogs. Not sure if she's actually 9 years old, but she is a senior...and she doesn't deserve to perish at South LA as the end of her life. Hope is also much prettier in person. She has grace and dignity and the most amazing thing is that she holds out hope even though she is an older brown dog at a shelter...giving her a happy home to live out her remaining years would be a true mitzvah (translation: good deed! don't we all need good karma?)

Emily A0850238, 6 years old, medium size

And then there is Emily- her and Smooch could be twins! You know her story: adopted as a puppy, returned later. Emily is already spayed, only 6 years old, and she's ready for a nice family to belong to. Emily has got SOUL. She is a deep girl and would be the most loyal of friends. Emily has been at SLA too long, and we all want to see her get out safely. She gets along great with her kennelmate- a young pittie sweetheart who has actually helped Emily brighten up! Though she seems to still worry about her fate, in her eyes there is faith that someone will help her. Could it be you? Another brown mutt she is not- Emily has strength and sweetness to give...what a great combo for any home!

I know this plea is long- and I know it's hard to look at 3 dogs all at once. But they have the same story- adult brown mutts who get overlooked every day. How their final chapters end is up to us. Please please please pass this along and network Smooch, Hope, and Emily. This is a chance to let them be ambassadors for brown dogs everywhere, should they get the chance to live. Know anyone looking for a great dog? Thank you for caring and thank you for helping me help them! So far $150 has been donated to help these sweethearts!

Contact Katya at www.sheltershopper.com to donate!

South LA Shelter 3612 11th Avenue, 90018 direct # 213-485-0117


Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic antics at SLA shelter???

XENA WINS GOLD IN WIGGLING!!!!!. See late-breaking video

Xena has been through a lot. Originally turned in as a young pup. Reason = "too many." Next adopted by a family who did not understand Xena's super high energy, shy behavior and fear of new situations. An unfortunate mistake. They claimed she was "unpredictable" -- but what we have seen is that she knows her friends and is fearful of those who threaten her. That is it!!!

When first returned, Xena (A1003106, 1 yr, a very skinny 29 pounds, on "alert" as of 2/16 and needs out now!!!) would hide in her kennel or curl up in a ball. But, little by little, she learned to trust. Staff treasure her antics. Volunteers love to spend time with her. You can't pass this little bundle of enthusiasm without being enthralled. Once she knows you, it is all love. Xena needs understanding but her devotion is so rewarding and her zest will win any Olympic medal.

Please, please, please give her a chance. Contact the South L.A. shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119.

And kindly let us know if you have any questions or can help her. She's guaranteed to make you smile.

Andrea & Mindy ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Happy Ending Project: Jonesy

I am introducing a new feature to this blog that focuses on happy ending stories from the West LA shelter. All the stories will be written by volunteers about dogs they helped save. These stories will illustrate the wonderful outcomes that are produced through our volunteers' commitment to saving these animals. I hope you will find them inspiring!

Please feel free to submit a story to be published on the blog! Just submit them to lola4dogs@gmail.com.

Jonesy when he was at LAAS ca.2008

Here is the original plea for Dr. Jones aka Jonesy that appeared on this blog way back in September 2008. Ever wonder what happens to these needy dogs?

Now, here's the story of how he was rescued and rehabilitated through the kindness and persistence of one very determined LAAS volunteer...

Jonesy: The Little Dog That Could by Marda Winnick

No one knows what happened in Jonesy's young life before he came to the West LA Shelter. All we knew was that he was a terrified, withdrawn shell of a dog, trembling in the dark recesses in the back of his kennel--the only place he felt safe--too terrified to even look at a human.

A volunteer began to work with him. There was just something about Jonesy you could see--perhaps that deep, innate bond between humans and dogs--that began to stir and motivate him.

Gradually, he took one hesitant step at a time, and began that process of learning to relate to humans and most importantly, to trust. You could sense the daily struggle between his terror of people and his desire to connect with them.

Eventually his time ran out at the shelter. Days away from being euthanized, the volunteer agreed to foster him and he was
then pulled by Tails of the City Rescue. Thus began his new life of rehabilitation to ready him for adoption.

A new dog, he began to blossom immediately. A very smart little guy, he learned quickly, and slowly gained confidence. Then, a setback when he escaped and got hit by a car. Though he wasn't badly injured physically, it scarred him emotionally, adding another layer of fear, that of literally everything outside of his home. But even that would not deter him in his quest for a normal life, and he slowly overcame those fears as well.

A year ago, all Jonesy's hard work and trust paid off, and he found his forever home with Rachel and Ryan Gilleland and their cat, Abby.
Today, now known as Tyson, he is a bright, happy, playful little guy who loves his family--and they, him.

Rachel and Ryan Gilleland and Tyson "It's sad to think that Tyson almost didn't get that final chance, but we are grateful to the shelter volunteer and pet rescue services," says Ryan. Adds Rachel, "Tyson is a big part of our family now." And that's all Tyson ever wanted; a loving family to call his own.

Create your own happy ending story by adopting a dog or cat through a
shelter or rescue!

Stay tuned for more happy ending stories coming up!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ms. Ophelia finds Love at the shelter!

Come find the love of your life!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The latest from the North Central shetler

Videos from dog trainer and rescuer Robert Cabral of Bound Angels!

Another lover-boy from SLA!

Nelson #A1086347 available NOW!

This truly wonderful dog was turned in to the shelter by owners who claimed "he doesn't move." Really? Guess that is because they brought him in starving, every rib visible. Guess that is because when questioned, "Do you play with him?" they answered "We don't have time." All you out there -- come to the South L.A. shelter and see Nelson strut his stuff. Put a toy in front of him and he will pick it up, put it in his mouth -- then wiggle and shake -- rhumba, samba, chacha, he's learning to break dance too -- whatever you want.

Nelson (A1086347, 2 years old, lab body, pit face) is one big love -- he's mushy and scrumptious!!! Kenneled with other dogs and he's been fine. They sleep together and eat together -- and Nelson is probably teaching them a few dance steps after hours in the kennels. Who knows?

Save this guy and you won't stop smiling. Call the South L.A. shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119. And please let us know that he is dancing with you now.

Andrea & Mindy


(323) 363-4909

Chuckie's IN LOVE... just in from the SLA shelter

This terr-ier-iffic scruffer (A1088903, 3 years old, already neutered, has been on alert since January 31st -- as his "owner" called Animal Services to pick him up after he was hurt!!!) is as cute as the breed can be -- just with a little extra height and weight (53 pounds). That makes him all the more lovable. Chuckie has been in ISO alone and is grateful for even the slightest attention. He sits by the door, waiting for you to put the leash around his neck, and away he goes, unconcerned about other dogs barking at him or those that he meets face to face!!! Takes treats gently, gives very polite and sweetheart kisses. Make no mistake about it -- Chuckie's on a mission -- to find a new home. If you can help with this venture, please call the South L.A. shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119. And kindly let us know as well -- it is so heart-warming to hear that the dogs we've spent time with are now happier than ever. Many thanks, Andrea & Mindy ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Shelter Pet Project: New HOPE for homeless pets


The Shelter Pet Project: A series of print and TV ads supporting pet adoption

The Shelter Pet Project is the FIRST Ad Council campaign to focus on pets. The project was announced in September of 2009 and is just getting off the ground.

The Shelter Pet Project is a major Ad council campaign run with support from the Humane Society and Maddie’s Fund. If successful, this campaign could be similar to past historic campaigns that have become part of the country’s vernacular such as Smokey Bear’s “Only YOU can prevent forest fires” and McGruff’s “Take a bite out of Crime.” The power of these ads running nationwide can change the common misperceptions of animal shelters and help end the killing of adoptable animals all over the country.

Why is this important?

Some statistics:

According to the Humane Society there are approximately 8 million animals brought into animal shelters each year and only 50% or 4 million find homes or go to rescue. Of the remaining animals, about 3 million are healthy adoptable pets who are killed simply because they didn’t find an adopter.

In our own backyard, the City of Los Angeles is killing almost 20 thousand animals a year.

INTAKES and OUTCOMES (LA Animal Services)

Table courtesy of http://sheltertrak.com

Please help educate the public and help promote shelter pet adoption!

Join the campaign today!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Maddie's Fund - The Case for Collaboration Editorial (2006)

Maddie's Fund - The Case for Collaboration Editorial (2006)

Where are you????

Why is it taking so long to find homes for some of our incredible dogs at the shelter. I have been extolling the virtues of dogs like Roger, who at a young 8 years old is the PERFECT dog for someone looking for a chill dog who is easy going, easy to walk, just easy! Plus he's so sweet.

Then we have Buddy. He is so cute. He's like a Lab/Pit mix who is really sweet. In fact he thinks he's a lap dog! He absolutely hates the shelter though so for him it's quite stressful. He would do well in a variety of situations. He could be a family dog or with a young couple. He's young and energetic and cute as a button!

Not to mention the other dogs who are waiting, waiting, waiting... Peyton, Daphne, Bandit, Hercules, etc...What's up with that??? Please see Black Jacks Bark on You Tube for the lastest and greatest doggie videos!

Well in the meantime, make a note of this event going on next weekend...

Feb. 13th: GR2 on Sawtelle Bvd near Olympic. For a groovy art show and adorable cats & dogs to adopt go to GR2 from 4pm to 8pm to adopt!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Foxy A1079663 STILL available at WLA Shelter! She is a K9 Connection participant! A great dog who needs a chance.

Big News! West LA now has a video link on the www.laanimalservices.com website! Our own, Debbie Fan is providing the videos so you can click and see the latest available dogs right away!

This is such a valuable tool for networking too! You see them all the time from various sources and many rescues are using them to find suitable dogs. Look for BlackjacksBark on You Tube!