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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Doggie matchmaker's 500th Post!!!

I accidentally noticed today that this post would be the 500th post on this blog!! I also noticed that since it's inception in 2007, the blog has had almost 40,000 page views! Okay, some of those page views may include myself but no way did I look 40,000 times!! Come on, that's just cray cray...

I want to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone who has participated in this blog, providing content, photos, shares and all the love that it takes to volunteer at shelters and rescue animals! I love you all! 

Special shout out to Mirja Bishop, the amazing lady who writes all the wonderful copy for the West LA flyers! She really goes the extra mile in all she does for the shelter.  :-)

Thank you!!!

Okay, tell me this guy isn't a cutie pie! He's at the West LA shelter right now!! Please network him!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dog reactivity, is it really such a crime??

First off, really great post by trainer Nicole Wilde about how we humans tend to over react to our dog's reactivity! 
Have a look!  http://wildewmn.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/is-reacting-really-reactive

Also, poor Lily, the volunteers at WLA have been working so hard with Lily to get her out of harms way. Right now she is IN TROUBLE with TIME RUNNING OUT... You can donate towards her rescue. Contact Mirja at MBishop355@aol.com.  Please network her too! Thanks!