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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Oliver is now urgent!

A0764380 - Oliver Red listed!!!

Oliver is a 5 year old, neutered, German Shepherd Mix.

Poor Oliver happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!! He was returned to the shelter and is now only available to rescue because he accidentally bit someone in the middle of a fight with another dog. Oliver is really a sweet dog that is very obedient and people friendly. It is unclear as to whether Oliver was just defending himself or whether he was the instigator of the fight, however due to the careless actions of one person, Oliver's fate lies in the hands of a rescue organization that is willing to take him.

Oliver meeting Cyrus for the first time.Oli is fine with other friendly dogs when properly introduced.

The Volunteers at the West LA shelter have spent quite a lot of time with Oliver before and after his return, he truly is a soul worth saving.

If you are able to help Oliver please contact the New Hope Coordinator at:

Samantha Westbrook
New Hope / Baby Bottle Coordinator
West Los Angeles
11361 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles 90064
Cell: 213 792 5811
Shelter: 213 485 0494/0495/0496

Please help if you can! Donations will also help him.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Terri Steuben at the Mar Vista Farmers Market this Sunday!

Big news for those of you local to Mar Vista! Terri Steuben, the remarkable Animal Communicator, Reiki Master and Medical Intutive is coming to the Mar Vista Farmers Market to give a talk on Animal Safety issues.

The lecture will begin at 11am this Sunday, 3/22/2009 at the MV Farmers Market on Grandview and Venice Blvd.

Terri is truly remarkable in her ability to read animals and people. Whether or not you subscribe to the spiritual side of understanding animals, you will be fastinated by what you can learn from her lifetime of working with animals. Terri has tons of practical knowledge to share so EVERYONE who loves animals can learn from her.

Terri will be located right behind the Mar Vista Community Council tent right next to the Post Office.

After the before and after the talk, Terri will be offering reading for a nominal fee. You don't even need to bring your dog, just a picture will do just fine!

Check out her website at www.calmhealer.com

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: By the time we get to Woofstock...

What an incredible event today at Roxbury Park. Okay, maybe I'm just excited that WLA had 4 adoptions!

  • Lovely Alex finally found a wonderful home with a dog savvy older lady. She was a doll. Alex will have a doggie sister and a brother.
  • Diana the sweet GSD went home to Corona to live where there is a big yard!
  • Hannah the Chow mix and Clyde the Jack Russell also found homes.

It really was a beautiful day. Everyone did a great job handling our dogs and the dogs were amazing.

Still available...

Chico A1007515
Male Chi/Beagle mix Male 2 years old small
This guy is truly a cute dog. Not a great picture though...
Chico is a quick study and wants to be a good boy. He's learning his basic obedience, is food motivated so it's easy to teach him. Chico's a pretty chill guy who seems to get along with all people and most dogs. He'd be just as happy if was the only dog though. I think he could do well in most living situations either with a family and kids or older folks. He doesn't have issues with kids or men, two common problems we find with unsocialized dogs. On the other hand, Chico seems pretty well balanced. With a little training this little guy will go far!

Tucker A1008350
Pit Bull mix Male Young Medium
The word on the street is that Tucker is the man! I'm learning more about this kiddo, but I keep hearing that he's such a great dog. Friendly and easy going... I will get more info and get back to you on this, but I think he's a star in the making...

Honey A1007468
Pit Bull Female Young Med
I spent some time with Honey today and was very impressed! She is a honey of a girl. She is very sweet and easy going. One thing that impressed me was her excellent focus. Even with all kinds of activities and dogs in close proximity, she would stay in a sit and focus on me waiting for her treat. I think the volunteer handling Honey today fell in love with her. I saw them playing and relaxing. Honey is just as happy as a clam. By the way, Honey was returned to the WLA shelter because she WASN'T mean enough to be a guard dog! What EVER!!! I think Honey could fit into most family situations. Probably better with kids who are over 6 just because of her size and energy.

Sake A1015485
Puggle Male 2 years old small/med
Sake is a real joy to be around. He's great with other dogs and seems to love everyone! He is lovable and playful. I can't say enough about this little sweetheart of a dog. He's way way over weight right now so he'll need a diet. But Sake is raring to go and with a little exercise he'll drop that extra weight. Sake was an owner surrender but there was no indication of why they left him at the shelter. He just seems like a perfectly good boy! This is a great family dog for any family!

There's so many more dogs at WLA. Come check them out!! www.laanimalservices.com

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Dog Intro video

Here is a video of Cyrus and Oliver being introduced (sorry it's a little dark). We are letting them sniff each other for a brief period (3 second rule) and then moving on. Cyrus is really good with other dogs so we are using him as the "test" dog with Oliver.
Oliver did pretty well with a mellow dog like Cyrus.
Cyrus and Oliver are both dogs who are available at the West LA Shelter.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: I'm bushed!

Sorry if there are some typos but I'm so exhausted right now. Please forgive me!
There are so many dogs and so little time. Where do I start?

Here are three terrific dogs who deserve a chance at life. All these dogs have great personalities and lots to offer a good responsible home. You know, the types who adopt a dog and take it seriously...

Cyrus * Pointer mix * Adult * Large
What a terrific guy this dog is. From the get go I could see that he was a chill gentleman. He's very easy going and friendly to all. But he's not a needy type of dog rather he is a well-balanced dog who is fine around other dogs. In fact, we've been using him as our "tester" dog since his dog social skills are very refined. We've introduced him to a bunch of dogs now and he did great every time. That is such a great quality in a dog and unfortunately not one we see in a lot of shelter dogs. Apart from that, last week Cyrus had a few small fatty tumors removed so he's healing up nicely from that. This guy is a winner all around. He would be great in pretty much any environment. It would be great to see him with a family so that he gets plenty of love.

Doris * Pit Bull * Young * Medium
Super adorable doggie, not that you can tell from this horrible photo. This girl has become an out-going lover girl. She's full of energy so no couch potatoes for this girl. She wants to frolic and play. She seems pretty good on leash and is learning some obedience. Doris is no dummy. Not sure how she is with other dogs, but she doesn't appear overly reactive to other dogs. Plus, she's easy to work with and food motivated. Doris will need plenty of exercise and some training.

Rolly * Chow Chow * Adult * Med/LG
Rolly is a really pretty Chow with a delightful personality. His coat is much fuller than it appears in this photo. He's got a wonderful happy expression and is very adorable in person. Rolly likes to play and give kisses. He knows some tricks like shaking with both paws, so cute! Like many Chows, Rolly does let you know what he likes and doesn't like. He is a little uncomfortable with certain things like putting a collar over his head, but he is not aggressive about it. He likes being touched and petted. He's marked as being food aggressive but this hasn't been apparent in any interactions I've had with him. It most likely is around other dogs. Therefore I would suggest that Rolly go with someone who knows Chows and their quirks. He will need some boundries and supervision around other dogs. We haven't tested his food issues so all precautions should be taken!

All these wonderful dogs are at the West LA Shelter! www.laanimalservices.com