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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: My Doggone Heart

West LA City Shelter Valentine's Day event on 2/14
11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064

First off, let me just say that everyone who is reading this blog should immediately throw away any retractable leashes they may have. This product is the single worst invention that I have ever run across in regard to dogs.

Yesterday while walking my Rottie Ace, we came upon two people walking their dogs both on retractable leashes. One of the dogs was small and the other was medium large. The bigger dog went nuts when he saw Ace displaying what I would call fairly severe leash aggression.

Well, needless to say, the retractable leash was no match for an aggravated dog who wanted a piece of my dog. He pulled his leash to it's full 20 feet or so and nearly got Ace. Meanwhile the man holding him had NO CONTROL whatsoever and ended up with a rope burn from trying to grab that lame string they call a leash!

Wow, what foolishness! People, buy a real leash! Retractables are dangerous and unrealiable, especially with a dog larger than 5 lbs. They just suck!

Okay, I feel a little better now...

FYI, the West LA Shelter is having a Valentine's day event called "My Furry Valentine" this coming Saturday 2/14 starting at 10am. All the animals will be available for discount prices! Woo Hoo! Plus there will be other fun stuff going on over there like face painting, food and of course all of us wonderful volunteers. Lot's of fun and lot's of adoptions we hope!

The other little piece of info is that I have started an Animal Welfare Committee in Mar Vista. If you are a stakeholder in the Mar Vista district and want to participate in the Animal Welfare Committee, please contact me at lola4dogs@gmail.com. The Committee will be dedicated to educating the public on all matters concerning our companion animal friends. Yay!

On to the doggies!

Tigger * Pit Bull * Youngish * Large
Look how happy this fella is! What a goofball! Tigger is playful and full of fun. He definitely could use some training but he so cute and funny, people just love him. Apparently he was brought up with children so he's kid friendly. Of course, I always suggest that careful supervision and training is necessary no matter what things appear to be on the surface. Tigger would be better with older kids, mostly due to his rambunctious nature. This guy is super cute and has a huge head! Too funny. Come meet this sweetheart!

Kenga * Pit Bull * Senior * Med/Lg
Kenga is a doll of a dog. She is the best pal of China A0973208 the other gorgeous and sweet pittie girl that I've featured on the site. Kenga is a bit more chill and not as playful as Kenga. She's super sweet though and cute as a monkey! She would thrive in a mellow environment where she wasn't expect to be a "watch dog" or something. She is just a mellow older lady looking for a loving home. She and China would love to stay together...

Gulliver aka Bear * Mountain dog/Rottie mix* Adult * Giant
Gulliver is BIG. He's a big furry monster. This guy is actually a big sweetie as you can see below. He a darling boy in fact. Here is his story: "Gulliver was found on the freeway along with his friend, a white shepherd, who has already been adopted. Gulliver is a big dog, very people friendly with some dog aggression (we think) that requires training. But really, just great with people. He'll run around for a few minutes then wear himself out and want to roll around with a person. The WLA volunteer thinks he'd be great for a family or older couple."

He really is a cutie. However he's very big and a puller on leash. He should be the only dog and he will need some training to get the leash aggression under control. Btw, DEFINITELY NO RETRACTABLE LEASH with this guy! Ahem...

Loving the belly rubs!

Passing the cuddle test! What a good boy!

All of these dogs are at the WLA Shelter,
11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064.
See you there!


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  2. Hi,

    Gulliver is actually a purebred, long-coated rottie. But the question I had was his "back story." I had heard that he and the shep were found in their backyard.

    I'm the one who pulled him from the shelter, so am interested in his history.

    Gulliver is a real love bug. He didn't really pull on the leash, but then we didn't see any dogs either. :-)

  3. lola4dogs@gmail.comFebruary 19, 2009 at 9:37 AM

    Hi Debbie: Thanks for saving Gulliver! He's a great dog. I didn't realize there was a long coated Rottie (I have a short coated Rottie!)so thatnks for that info.
    Yes, he really will pull if he sees another dog. However, if you catch it before he gets worked up, he's very responsive. I was working with him on positive association with other dogs on leash. He was doing well although he will fixate on other dogs left to his own devices.
    Keep me posted on his progress!
    Thanks so much! Best, Lola

  4. Debbie: I don't know anything else on his back story, just what you heard... which could suggest that he may be okay with some dogs...


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