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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: I'm bushed!

Sorry if there are some typos but I'm so exhausted right now. Please forgive me!
There are so many dogs and so little time. Where do I start?

Here are three terrific dogs who deserve a chance at life. All these dogs have great personalities and lots to offer a good responsible home. You know, the types who adopt a dog and take it seriously...

Cyrus * Pointer mix * Adult * Large
What a terrific guy this dog is. From the get go I could see that he was a chill gentleman. He's very easy going and friendly to all. But he's not a needy type of dog rather he is a well-balanced dog who is fine around other dogs. In fact, we've been using him as our "tester" dog since his dog social skills are very refined. We've introduced him to a bunch of dogs now and he did great every time. That is such a great quality in a dog and unfortunately not one we see in a lot of shelter dogs. Apart from that, last week Cyrus had a few small fatty tumors removed so he's healing up nicely from that. This guy is a winner all around. He would be great in pretty much any environment. It would be great to see him with a family so that he gets plenty of love.

Doris * Pit Bull * Young * Medium
Super adorable doggie, not that you can tell from this horrible photo. This girl has become an out-going lover girl. She's full of energy so no couch potatoes for this girl. She wants to frolic and play. She seems pretty good on leash and is learning some obedience. Doris is no dummy. Not sure how she is with other dogs, but she doesn't appear overly reactive to other dogs. Plus, she's easy to work with and food motivated. Doris will need plenty of exercise and some training.

Rolly * Chow Chow * Adult * Med/LG
Rolly is a really pretty Chow with a delightful personality. His coat is much fuller than it appears in this photo. He's got a wonderful happy expression and is very adorable in person. Rolly likes to play and give kisses. He knows some tricks like shaking with both paws, so cute! Like many Chows, Rolly does let you know what he likes and doesn't like. He is a little uncomfortable with certain things like putting a collar over his head, but he is not aggressive about it. He likes being touched and petted. He's marked as being food aggressive but this hasn't been apparent in any interactions I've had with him. It most likely is around other dogs. Therefore I would suggest that Rolly go with someone who knows Chows and their quirks. He will need some boundries and supervision around other dogs. We haven't tested his food issues so all precautions should be taken!

All these wonderful dogs are at the West LA Shelter! www.laanimalservices.com

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