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Friday, August 21, 2009

Noooo, not Elvis! Rottie love.

Sorry to say Elvis didn't make it. RIP sweet boy.
Elvis (A1050314): 8 year old, male, Rottweiler

(according to the shelter) Came in as a stray on July 24th 2009. Elvis appeared to be super friendly at first, rolling on his back and lapping up the attention. When medical tried to examine a switch flipped and he got wild eyed, growled and snapped.

Hmmm, sounds like my Rottweiler, Ace. He may just be afraid and who can blame him. Here he is on the RED LIST already!

Rotties are one of my favorite breeds. I've only heard good things about this beautiful Rottie. Someone who knows the breed would make the best home! Wish I knew more about this gorgeous boy, he is sooooo adorable and has been friendly towards me.

I've spoken to volunteers who have been working with this dog over the past weeks and all say he is a DOLL! Apparently someone at the shelter had a issue with him, but nothing has been verified other than his fear of the vet. This is no reason to kill a beautiful and loving dog like Elvis!

Please come meet him at the West LA Shelter 11361 West Pico Blvd. He has only hours left...

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