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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Rights of the RESCUED! This is great.

The “Rights of the Rescued”
According to Dawn Beattie, resource specialist for Best Friends Network in California and member of Open Arms Rescue, this catastrophe “illustrates the need to establish a set of compliance standards for the myriad of un-regulated private rescue groups.” She has developed a “Statement of Rights for Rescued Animals” that she would like to see adopted and enforced within the animal rescue community.
The Rescued Animal Statement of Rights
1) No further harm, endangerment or imminent risk while in rescue care
2) Immediate provision of qualified veterinary care proportional to risk and disease presented at time of rescue
3) Bathed and groomed at the earliest opportunity and as needed, with minimum twice daily feedings of appropriate food for the age, breed & health
4) Easy access to clean water, kept in sanitized area with regular removal and cleaning of excrements and urine soaked areas
5) Daily walks with a minimum 60 minutes outside a cage every 24 hours featuring attentive human contact and play
6) Transport arrangements in keeping with the animal’s welfare and safety as paramount considerations in planning & execution
7) Spay or neuter and micro-chip with updated and correct paper work following each relocation until final adoption
8) Adoption home screening for safe, relevant and appropriate placement with the animal’s welfare a first consideration
9) Rescue group is a forever God-parent with unconditional “open arms” to receive the adopted anytime should they be subsequently abandoned, neglected, maliciously treated, injured or suddenly un-wanted

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