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Monday, October 25, 2010

Little guys who need a hand at WLA: Owen & Pookie

Pookie, male Shi-tzu, 6 years old, A1156157

Owen, male Poodle mix, 1.5 years old, A1145155

Owen and Pookie are roomies who share a common bond. One is fearful and the other is frustrated and they BOTH are not showing themselves in the Best light.

For one thing, both dogs have the dreaded yellow mark on their kennel cards which is very misleading. Pookie is totally shell shocked having come from a home with an elderly woman who was around all the time. She eventually had to move to senior home where she couldn't have a dog. So poor little Pookie had to come to the shelter.

Pookie is rather introverted so far, but he likes people once he knows them a little. He sits very nicely with me and lets me handle him freely. He's such a little sweetheart, I feel so sorry for him...

Luckily, he likes his roommate Owen and he's doing okay with him other than picking up some "bad" habits like barrier aggression which doesn't look good if you're trying to see the dog's personality! He's not like that at all once out of the kennel, silly dog!

Now Owen, also a total cutie pie, is not really fearful like Pookie, but rather he is frustrated by the inability to interact freely with people. His response to this is barrier aggression which makes him seem kinda scary... But if you take him out of the kennel, he's a doll! He and I ran all around the yard and then I gave him a bath. He did very well on all counts and was extremely cute the whole time. I had no problems with him at all. I couldn't figure out why he's not been adopted!

But then I got some more info on his history... Apparently Owen should be the only dog and isn't great with kids. I haven't seen his bad behavior first hand but apparently he has some issues with becoming possessive of his people and his dog friends. Silly boy. But he's very food motivated and responsive so I'm confident with some training and behavior modification he can improve. He's a very young boy and very trainable. Don't let a good dog mind go to waste!

Owen needs to find a home soon... He's been at the shelter way too long!!!! He's been there since August!!!

Come meet these wonderful little dudes at the West LA Shelter today!

For more info:
Samantha Westbrook
New Hope Coordinator
West Los Angeles Animal Care Center
11361 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90064
Shelter: 213 485 0494/ 0495/ 0496
Cell: 213 7925811
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 7am - 4pm
Thursday 6.30am - 3.30pm

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