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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Please help if you can! Many dogs are now in jeopardy, Anza Animal Friends needs your help!

ANZA ANIMAL FRIENDS is located in Southern California 17 miles from Temecula

****THE CONTACT IS Nicole Salter 310-621-4137

Buster & Chance
Dear Friends and Rescuers,

Anza Animal Friends is a large-scale dog rescue that is very sadly having to close its doors suddenly due to a family emergency. Because of this we need safe, solvent and enriching placements for our beloved rescue dogs. All of these dogs were at one time either dumped by their former owner, found wandering the streets or were within hours of being killed in an Animal Shelter. Anza Animal Friends Dog Rescue gave these dogs a 2nd chance when there was none. Now that the rescue needs to close, these dogs desperately need responsible placement and time is of the essence. There were abandoned once….WE CANNOT LET THEM DOWN AGAIN.

We have reached out to the rescue community, as well as individuals, to help us find rescues that could take them in or private adopters to give them a home. Since August 26th we’ve found amazing homes for 9 dogs! The rescue community has been amazing with stepping in to help network these dogs and we have commitments for about 25-30 more and are still networking the remaining dogs in need.

At this time we are reaching out for much needed support. We are trying to raise $6000 minimum to meet the dogs’ needs. This will get us started but even after the 25-30 that are pending rescue/adoption we will still need funding to support the remaining dogs while we continue to network them into homes and/or other rescues.

Below is a basic breakdown of where the funds will be applied:
-Dog food– There haven’t been any food drops and we go through 4 large bags everyday.
-$300-500 for an on-site vet visit
-$150 Rabies vaccine vial
-$150 Heart-worm test kit
-$1000-2000 + for vetting (i.e. Rabies boosters, Heart Worm tests where required, Health Certificates, Spays and Neuters)
-$3000 in gas for the 2 transports thus far scheduled ($1000 for the Pacific Northwest transport and $1500-2000 for the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan transport)
-Vehicle rental and/or a paid animal rescue transporter (if you have access to a cargo van and/or bus that can hold large crates that you can lend please let us know and we can save $ on vehicle rental fees as this gets very expensive)

Creative thinking and ideas to save money are welcomed however time is of the essence.

In closing I invite you to please view the adoptable dogs in the albums (links provided at the bottom). Every dog in this album has it’s own story and often there is a lot of sadness behind the eyes of an abandoned dog. But these dogs now have hope where once there was none. They are all on different parts of their journey and it’s up to us to be their stewards and see them through to a rich and wonderful life….the life that all animals deserve.

Thank you for any and all contributions! THE DOGS ARE DEPENDING ON ALL ON US ….

If you have any questions please call Nicole Salter 310-621-4137

Below are links to the albums of the dogs in need....one is for Facebook users and the other should work as a public link.

Please share with anyone you can who can help contribute or might be in the market for a new best friend!

*Facebook link:http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150341484130039.393549.570665038

*Non Facebook users can use this link:

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