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Monday, November 7, 2011

Charlie the low-rider Lab RETURNED!!! :-(

Charlie ID#A1247525
Oh no, poor Charlie is back at the shelter! Poor guy...

It may be that Charlie needs some training. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt this great guy needs to know that training will be involved. Most dogs don't come home all perfectly trained and it's only fair to assume that training is mandatory to have the dog that you want. No one wants an ill-behaved dog, right?!!! You can't blame Charlie that no one ever took the time to shape him into the best dog he can be, that's up to the guardian to make sure that happens!!

Did you know that when you adopt from the West LA shelter that you can bring your dog to some free training right there at the shelter!  West LA has a  great support system that will guide you through the first steps on the road to a LONG and successful relationship! For more info contact Charla at the WLA shelter!

Come meet Charlie at the shelter today.  He's waiting!

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