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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Street Dogs of South Central documentary, fundraiser and why.

In case you haven't seen or heard of the documentary film Street Dogs of South Central, it's important to know a few things about the movie. A few people have criticized the filmmakers for not intervening in the events that occur in the film while they were shooting it.  However, as most documentary fans know, part of making a doc is to show things how they REALLY are so that the viewer can experience the reality of the situation. This is the deal, no more or no less. But don't think the filmmakers of Street Dogs are just shrugging their shoulders about the situation...

Moving forward, filmmaker Bill Marin is jumping in with both feet to raise money to help the very community and animals he filmed. Right on Bill! There is no question in my mind that Street Dogs is a movie that can make a difference by showing the stark reality of poverty in the inner city of Los Angeles, which is probably similar to many other inner cities in the US, and how it affects the dogs who live there.  The other reality we see is that these dogs are full of love as are many of the people and that our help would be greatly appreciated.  You can see this if you take the time to see beyond the poverty and what makes you sad.

These animals need our help and support so don't turn a blind eye. The families in the area who have animals also need our support. Most of these people can't afford to fix their animals, never mind licensing or microchipping them! They want to do right by their beloved pets, so why can't we help them? Stop judging and start helping!

Groups like Downtown Dog Rescue and The Amanda Foundation are taking the lead in going into these communities and giving people the opportunity to do what's best for their dogs.  The community is jumping on the chance to fix their dogs and when offered they also choose to microchip and license. Hundreds of dogs are attending these clinics.  All it takes is some money from you and I to help improve the quality of life for all those in this community.

Remember, microchips will keep animals out of the shelters by returning them to their homes. Spay and neuter will stop the cycle of unintentional breeding of dogs, big and small.  Take action by giving to the Shelter Animal Advocacy Fund, LA , buying a Street Dog wristband or by attending the Street Dog fundraising event screening the film Street Dogs of South Central.  See for yourself why this community needs our help!

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