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Sunday, June 24, 2012

SAAFLA fundraising to help inner-city dogs continues...

First this is a really great video describing probably the biggest problem we see in LA, the overwhelming number of Pit Bulls in the shelters and on the streets.  Lori Weise founder of Downtown Dog Rescue has dedicated her life to helping the low-income areas of LA and educating the public about Pit Bulls and responsible dog guardianship. Lori and Dogman have been working together providing FREE dog training for Pit Bulls at the Coliseum in Downtown LA on Sunday mornings.
For more info: www.downtowndogrescue.org

SAAFLA is continuing to raise funds for the worthwhile endeavor of providing free services to low-income communities working closely with LAAS, Downtown Dog Rescue, The Amanda Foundation and others to provide free Spay & Neuter, free vaccinations, and free microchipping!  These services are being provided at the Yo Watts recreation center on a monthly basis through July 2012.

However, after July we are still looking forward to continuing to provide these much needed services to the communities who need them the most and who can't afford them. Stay tuned for further projects that will educate you, inspire you and provide for the animals who need help.

Btw, if you haven't seen the documentary Street Dogs of South Central, you really should!  It's a beautifully done film that captures the problem and why we need to help.  There are so many animals who may actually have a home, but get out and wander the streets because they are not fixed. Their families don't realize that their dog may end up at the shelter and ultimately killed.  To find out the next screening of this doc go to www.streetdogsmovie.com.

Let's not judge, let's fix it! Let's S/N every dog we can and microchip every dog that is S/N. It's pretty simple and it makes a huge impact on the community! Let's work together to solve this very solvable problem!

You can donate towards this goal at www.saafla.org. Thank you!

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