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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bobby, tell me it isn't so! ID#A0903035 The big black dog syndrome.

I am just worried sick about Bobby ID#A0903035.  He's a gorgeous and large guy who is wonderful.  All the volunteers think he's great. Here is what they are saying:
Bobby is an easy going 7 yr. old neutered male, all black Rottweiler/Labrador Retriever mix, who weighs in at 102 lbs, AND IS HOUSETRAINED (what a plus). In spite of his size and weight, he iseasy to walk on leash. "Took him for a walk around the block and he couldn't be easier to handle; when he started pulling ahead, I merely tugged on the leash, gave him a verbal command and he immediately responded(notes of a volunteer who weighs only 10 lbs more than Bobby)One volunteer describes him as "very chill". He is non reactive to other dogs as can be seen in the video. Even when provoked by other dogs he simply barks at them.
Bobby just enjoys hanging out with people. When being bathed he tolerated all of the fussing that went on and probably enjoyed the extra attention.

Click here to see his video:  Bobby's video
His friend Princess got rescued, but poor Bobby is still waiting and time is running out on this fabulous dog.

Here is a flyer to disseminate far and wide:

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