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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arnie & Ziggy: 2 great dogs that are great together...or apart



These two dogs were rescued by a kind-hearted person who already had a houseful of animals and was struggling with her own problems. Yet, she gave them the very best of everything and did all she could to give these dogs a great quality of life for the past year or so.  The dogs are up to date on shots and both are fixed. Unfortunately, she can no longer provide for these lovely dogs due to her on-going illness.

Both dogs came from a very sad situation where they were tethered and left outside with no food or water all day and night.  Her rescuer saw what was happening and convinced the person to give her the dogs. What originally started as being a "foster" situation, ended up in what is now an urgent situation.

First, Arnie is a medium size Shepherd mix as you can see from his distinguished profile.  He is a playful boy with lots of energy.  He loves to bug Ziggy (which she tolerates nicely) and he also enjoys toys and raw bones.  He loves to go on walks and is a friendly boy overall.  He can seem a little tentative at first meetings but then warms right up.

Ziggy is the "brains" of this duo. She is a very smart and confident dog. She has some obedience training which she seems to enjoy performing. She is a relaxed dog with a good temperament. She's strong though and needs someone who can keep up with her.

If you know anyone interested in either dog or both, please contact Lola4dogs@gmail.com right away!

Thank you so much.

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