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Monday, December 3, 2012

Striving for a No Kill LA in December! LAAS want to make it happen!

Brenda Barnette, the GM of LA Animal Services just sent out this press release. It's a great idea so I hope you spread the word and tell everyone you know to ADOPT and not shop for a pet. Your local shelter is a great place to start with all types of wonderful dogs, cats, rabbits and more! Some shelters even have horses, goats, chickens, etc. looking for homes. 

Come on, we all know that pet stores SELL animals from puppy mills and other similar breeding situations where the animal's well being is not considered.  So let's not perpetuate this horrible trade that tortures animals to make a buck.

Please support your local shelter, they need you!!!

First No-Kill Month in Los Angeles HistoryJoin the movement for the Animals

For Immediate Release
Contact: Brenda F. Barnette, General Manager
Phone (213) 482-9558
It has been an amazing 2012 for the animals!  At of the end of October, in addition to more adoptions, there were 3,500 fewer animals’ lives taken this year in L.A. city shelters than last year. That’s a huge achievement and a giant step toward No-Kill. Thank You Angelenos!

There’s still one month left to achieve what we could once only dream about. Together, let’s close out 2012 on a high note – and make the month of December a No-Kill December!

You can help make December the first month in LA history that the number of healthy or treatable animals killed in L.A. Animal Shelters is ZERO. Here’s how:

1. Adopt from a City Shelter 
– Open your home to an animal in need. From December 1–23, you’ll receive a special discount on select pets at all L.A. city shelters, thanks to FoundAnimals “12 Pets of Christmas” adoption promotion.

2. Foster – If you can’t commit to adopting, then fostering is a great way to give a pet the time they need to find a forever home. For more information on fostering, click 
3. Spread the Word
 – The more people who join the movement to get Los Angeles to No Kill, the sooner we will get there. So encourage everyone to help make this a No-Kill December! Tweet it, Facebook it, encourage your friends and family to adopt or foster a furry friend for the holidays.
4. Donate
 – Can't open your home? Your generous donation could still help a pet find a home of his or her own. Here is a link for online giving:http://anidonation.lacity.org/. There are several options to choose from: an in-kind donation, a one-time cash donation or a monthly pledge, a kennel sponsorship or a direct donation to the STAR program dedicated to animals who need extra medical care.

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