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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Tres leches

A few sweeties to munch on...

Skiper A0958137
Skiper is a total babe! He just wants some loving and a place to hang out. Oh yea, who would want a low maintenance dog, that is loving, and a great companion? That's just too easy! This cutie pie gets along with other dogs. He's a little older, but I think that dogs are like a fine wine...better with age.
Come meet him and see for yourself!!

Blue A0937889
Blue is named for his coloring, definitely not his disposition! Blue is one hopeful dude. Like, who has time for being blue when there is so much fun stuff to do?!! This guy is full of fun and energy, not one for the lazy types. He is so full of life, really exuberant. A real sweetie too. Pretty easy to handle once he settles down a little! Hey runners, do I have the dog for you!!

Barkley A0936070
Barkley loves his food, hence the thick girth, but, hey, there's just more of him to love! Barkley is a good boy. Maybe he has some gray on his muzzle, but he is strong and happy! He's got a lot spunk and energy left for many good times ahead. Barkley would be a nice family dog and a great companion for anyone. Mr. Barkley seems to like other dogs and is currently rooming with Skiper!

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