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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: The Kids are Alright!

This is the first time that I'm publishing an email from a person who adopted from our WLA Shelter. The dogs she adopted are a wonderful pair of senior Shepherds, Ed and Karen. Senior dogs at the shelter often are a tough sell to the public, but when it happens it's the GREATEST! Plus these two who had a long history together got to stay together! I had to publish this email because it says it all...

Dear Lola4Dogs,

Just to let you know that Ed and Karen, now Boomer and Sandy, are incredible dogs. You knew this, but I did not. They are wonderful. It is that simple. Someone put all sorts of training into them, and all sorts of love, and I cannot understand how no one came forward to claim them. But, it is my gain.

Boomer and Sandy were trained to stay in the kitchen. They do not come out into the rest of the house unless I invite them. They wanted their doggie beds in the kitchen and so that is where they sleep. I have no doors to shut for my kitchen, but they do not wander about at night and need no doors to keep them in the kitchen. I have 2 very large round doggie beds now on the kitchen floor, and while it is a bit crowded in the kitchen, I have adjusted. :-> Boomer and Sandy sleep all curled round each other. It is an incredible sight. I have walked them and they are leash trained. They walk together on my left side with Sandy on the inside and Boomer on the outside of her. I do not even know they are at the end of the leashes. They do not pull nor lag behind and are unbelievably easy to walk.

I feed them in the early AM when I get up for work and then again at night about 6 pm when I return from work. They get Avoderm dry and canned--Chicken and Rice. I fed this to my other dogs and they seemed to like it. Boomer and Sandy really enjoy having the canned food mixed in with the dry--they are relaxing now and are hungry. But I will not let them get fat, trust me!! In the AM, I let them out as soon as I get up. Then, they come back inside and hang out in the kitchen while I get ready for work. Then I feed them and right after they eat, they go outside and do their duty. I clean it up, water down the grass and they are pretty much set for the day. They have dog beds outdoors and lots of water bowls--3---to choose from. I have toys and they play with me! The dogs are a wonderful gift to me and I will take very good care of them. I wish I was not at work so long--I am gone almost 10 hours/5 days a week. Thank goodness they have each other--one dog in that situation would become too lonely. I am taking them to my veterinarian this Saturday for an examination and baths. I will keep you posted as to how they continue to thrive. Please let your friends at the shelter know that they have found "home." These dogs have incredible temperaments. i have never had such remarkably gentle and well trained and well behaved dogs. And I really do not know which dog takes the most care of the other. They definitely need and love each other.

Thank you.

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  1. There are two dogs named Cooper and Jack, and there pictures are still at the shelter site, but I never see them. I go almost every day. Also, they aren't in quarantine or isolation. Where are they? Also, one of the dogs Hee Man was in quarantine but not anymore. I don't see him either. Did they have to euthanize him?


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