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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Three Dog Day

Bad Picture Alert!

Please be aware that the following pictures are not for the skittish... They were taken by Shelter Staff! Noooooo, not that! Thats UNFAIR to animals everywhere!!! Seth Casteel, where are youUUUUUUUUU?

Just kidding, the Shelter can't help it, they are NOT photographers... But these are bad.

Anyway, just a quickie. I spent the day with the three cutest doggies today. We were out front of Kirby's Pet Depot in Mar Vista. It was a little chilly, but fun none the less as we shnuggled together in our little pen. These pictures don't do these cuties any justice, so beware!

Chi Chi A09601888

Don't let ChiChi fool you. She's a babe. Oh, she wants you to think that she's a little snarky and dominant...heh heh, but no, she's a poser. This is a very sweet little girl who likes to wear cute little t-shirts, sit on your lap 24/7 and lick your nose every now and again. Oh, she's a watch dog all right, especially when she CAN'T meet the neighborhood dog cuties. In between she's making you love her and then she gets to be a dog. I guess what I'm saying here is she's a character and a total baby cake. Plus, ChiChi does that magical thing where a dog pees standing up on her two front paws. Amazing!

Betty A0982196

Betty is a diamond in the rough. She just needs to feel trust towards someone special. Very quiet and demure right now, Betty's going to blossom before your eyes once you get her home for a few days. Betty is a Chihuahua mix of sorts. You can't see her cute wavy fur and freckles here. I could even see just in the short hours I spent with her that she was learning to be a dog and run with the crowd. This kid is practically a pup, she's only about a year old. She's a little shy with people initially, but warms up once she sees that you are a friend. So adorable, you'll love her, she's an easy one.

Pee Wee A0970820

Wow, this picture sums it up, Pee Wee is scared. He's a tiny little guy with a bit of a gut. Not sure what happened to him but he ended up at the shelter. To prove that he isn't afraid, Pee Wee is always active and on alert. He can be a little nippy so I don't advise this cutie for youngsters, but fine for adults. He doesn't really bite, just mouthy. If you are a lover of Chihuahuas, you'll really enjoy this little guy. The coolest thing I discovered about him today was that he likes to play fetch. How cute is that? He was making me laugh so much with his funny little antics. I was really enamored with him. Anyway, not for everyone obviously, but for those of us who love the challenge of the scaredy little guy who is so cute and funny that a little nip here and there just adds to his character.

You can find all these dogs at the WLA Animal Shelter: www.laanimalshelter.com

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