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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Urgent! Save Jonesy

A Heartfelt Plea for Jonesy #A0932129


I have asked Samantha to forward this to you to provide a fuller picture of Jonesy, in hopes you will agree that he deserves to get another chance at life. As you may be aware, his time at our shelter is very limited. I have worked with many dogs as a volunteer, but never have I met such a challenge--or found such reward--as with Jonesy.

When he arrived at our shelter in March, Jonesy was a dog so withdrawn in fear that he could only cower--shaking--in the darkness of his kennel, not even able to look at me. Soon thereafter he was adopted. His new owner apparently did not understand how to work with his fearfulness and unfortunately was bitten, prompting the dog's return.
That's the short history that got him branded "rescue only."

When Jonesy was placed back in the general population in July, I volunteered to work with him on his issues. Still too fearful to come out from his dark haven or to look at me, I simply sat in the kennel, time after time, talking to him. Finally he inched out a few times until he got the courage to stand by me, eventually letting me pet him, attention he now craves.

Little by little he finally learned to trust me. I do not fear that I will
be bitten. I have introduced him to other volunteers who both walk and pet him without incident. He still has some fearfulness/shyness issues, but makes progress each time I work with him. I am truly encouraged. If he has learned to trust me, he can do so with others.

Jonesy's story is truly an inspirational one. I have watched him balance his fear of people against his desire for human contact--and make that crucial decision to take a chance on humans. Whether in humans or animals, that takes a LOT of courage.

And that is why I am writing.

If this dog is willing to overcome his fears and exhibit that kind of
courage, he is truly motivated. I know I don't have to tell you how important that is. He's doing his part.

Now I am asking that a group be willing to rescue Jonesy. I know you are all overwhelmed with dogs and such requests, but I am willing to foster him for the while and continue to work on training him to make him more adoptable. (Adding to the adoptability issue, Jonesy is both cute and small.)

I am a former non-profit fundraiser. If one of you will rescue him, I will be happy to help advise you on fundraising issues for your organization.

To all Rescues, here you have a request that not only gives you many reasons why you should rescue this little dog, but a person willing and able to foster and help rehabilitate him. There's no reason not to help!

Please pass along to everyone you know! Jonesy's days are numbered.

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