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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: The dog days of January?

First off, sorry that I didn't post last week. Something about this sunny and warm weather is making me very tired and lazy. Plus, I think I was having a bout of post-holiday depression or something...

Anyway, I spent some quality time at the shelter today and met some great new dogs. Well maybe "new" is the wrong word. It seems that their lack of newness has caused them to either become shelter residents or remain shelter residents longer than usual.

You know that I have a real soft spot for the elderly dogs in particular. Frankly, anyone who drops their dog off at the shelter because he's old should be smacked! I mean what does that say about a person who is so callous about the animal they've had for years that they'd hand him over to strangers at a place that kills dogs? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised considering how some elderly people are treated... Still, it just makes me mad!

Regardless of all that, these next three delightful doggies deserve some consideration and I plan on giving it to them!

Tenor * Pit mix * Senior * A0995226

I like this picture because it captures the soft nature of Tenor. This poor guy ended up at the shelter and let me tell you, he wasn't happy about it at all. He literally screamed and cried for the first couple of weeks. Hence, he was given the name Tenor due to all his "singing." Now he's relaxed a bit and is less traumatized by his confinement. He's warmed up to the volunteers too so he gets yard time on a regular basis. He's a sweet guy who really just wants to chill in a nice calm quiet atmosphere. No kids running about and pulling his tail... Just some serenity in his golden years. This guy deserves at least that much and I really hope he gets it.

Pugy * Beagle * Senior * A0999398

This crazy cutie pie is Pugy which I think is a misspelled Pudgy. He is in fact a little on the round side. Pugy is crazy for food, treats, and did I mention food??? This little boy definitely needs some boundaries in the food department. Otherwise, he is great with other dogs and super friendly with people. His one pet peeve is being picked up. He hates it! Just don't even do it!! Actually we figured a way around this to get him into the shelter vehicle. If you put a blanket over him and he can't see what is going on, he's fine with being lifted. Other than that he's a doll. A typical sniffy goofy Beagle!

Abby * Chihuahua * Senior * A0997393

This dog is too funny in my opinion. She's a tiny little thing with two teeth to her name. That said, she's been written up several times by shelter staff due to her "bad" behavior! Bad, you say? Yes, if being gummed by a snarky little Chi is bad, she's the baddest. Actually Abby is super sweet and funny, you just have to get past the initial introduction. She wants to like you and once she does, you're golden. She really couldn't hurt a fly, she just needs someone who understands those kookie little dogs! I think she's a hoot!

Come see these cutie patooties at the West LA Animal Shelter www.laanimalservices.com

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