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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Holiday Leftovers...

Isn't that always the way it works? All the stuff that was on sale during the holidays is now back mingled in with the regular stock, no longer a big bargain. Of course, lots of stuff made it out of the store and some of it just in the knick of time! However, once the excitement is over the returns begin...

Okay, so what is my point here using this iffy holiday analogy? Basically, we had many adoptions over the holidays and some dogs were even free! Now the remaining dogs are still there at the shelter, but now for the regular price. And, of course, we've had the usual returns for all kinds of crazy reasons and they will continue. Hopefully not too many!

These dogs listed below are all wonderful and sweet and STILL deserve a loving home. Their only crime in some cases is that they are "mature" rather than "young." They didn't manage to find homes during the holidays but are still hopeful that their person will come along.

All our dogs still get love but their days will be numbered as this is the way it is at a city shelter. Please, if you are considering adding a dog to your family, please consider one of these fantastic dogs who have plenty of life to live and love to give.

Just because the holiday season is over, you can still have the spirit!

Nanuk A0989125

This guy is really cool. He's like a big polar bear who wants to be your velcro friend. I love how he stays right by my side when I take him into the yard. He's around 7 years old and has a lot of spunk, let me tell you. He's on the vocal side which some folks might like if you are looking for a "watch dog." However, beyond a bark, I don't think there is a bite!

China A0973208

I just love this picture as it really captures the personality of this girl. She's a hoot! China is a very sweet dog who is the best pal of Kenga (below). She is around 7 years old. She loves to chase a ball and chew it into a foaming glob! Then, she expects you to throw it! Yuk!! This lady is funny because I thought she wasn't friendly when I met her through the bars of her kennel. Then I met her out of the kennel and she was a total babe. Who knew????

Kenga A0973202

Kenga is the flip side of her sidekick China. Kenga's a little older and not as excited by chasing a ball although she likes to do it. I think she likes to race China to the ball even though Kenga always defers to China (maybe she just doesn't like that foamy mess of a ball?). Kenga is so cute, she looks like a mini cow with her black spots. She loves to hang out and get lots of love. Most of all she loves to roll around in the grass and enjoy a beautiful day! It's so simple...

Patch A0953371

Patch is so sweet and gentle although he always seems a little worried. He came in as a stray covered with ticks and filthy. Poor kid! Now he's all white and pretty again but that scary past has stuck with him making him a little shy. Patch would be best as a one and only although we don't know how he is with other dogs. He is a big boy and would do best with a knowledgeable person. He is so cute, just look at him. He loves the attention and is a beautiful soul.


I have yet to figure out why a gorgeous dog like Buddy has been at the shelter for so long? He's a really pretty smooth collie/shepherd mix. He's 7 years old but full of energy! Buddy is new to the leash so he needs some training with that. It also can make him a bit fearful towards larger dogs when he is on a leash. Otherwise he's just a peppy guy who LOVES to run and chase after a ball or toy! He loves people and has a great smile. I think he is terrific!

Duke A0690792

Duke is another dog who is around 7ish and has lots of pep and fun in him. He's come a long way at the shelter and he's doing great. I would say he's an easy dog to handle and very responsive to verbal commands. My favorite thing about Duke is when he turns into a speed demon and zips all around the yard like a crazy guy! It's very funny!!! He'd do best in an adult family.

Ranger A0953814

This guy Ranger is another one of those, why is he still at the shelter dogs! He even went through the K9 Connection program and did fabulous! In fact he was an A student!!! He'd be a great companion to an adult family. He is loving and fun to be around. He would be so happy with some space to frolic, but an active person would do just as well. Ranger can't figure out how to be more appealing to the public and, frankly, we think he's perfect just as he is. So come check him out, he's waiting!!!

All of these dogs are currently available to the public at the West Los Angeles Animal Care Center!!!! See more of our wonderful animals at: www.laanimalservices.com

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  1. China looks so adorable! Was she at a foster home there?


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