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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love the band Rufus and Rotties!

Rufus the Rottie needs a home - $75 to qual. rescue, running out of time at S. LA! (A1059173)

Rufus can probably make more friends on a 15-minute walk than any Rottweiler around. During a recent trip around the shelter nothing bothered him including hysterical barking from nearby dogs big and small. Crowds of people including children encircled him at one point, as a visiting trainer used him as an example of what a relaxed and friendly dog looked like. For extra credit, Rufus even stopped to greet a scared Husky by bowing down and licking the dogs lips.

Rufus is 2-3 years old, has a perfect temperament, and is very intelligent. He knows some basic commands, and hardly pulls on the leash after a couple of corrections. In the right hands, he could be trained to be an amazing dog.

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