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Thursday, September 10, 2009

MAX, beautiful mix still NOT out of the woods...Please help!

Max finally found his forever home! Yay Max!!! 10/10

What a relief, or so we thought. After much networking and fundraising, Max, the middle-aged, sweet-natured brown dog, at the West LA shelter for three months, would get out alive. A rescuer had stepped forward to save his life.

Max was neutered, boarded until his rescuer was ready to take him, and then driven over 100 miles to the rescuer.

Rescuer has several large dogs, one of whom the rescuer predicted would provoke Max. The dogs were to be introduced slowly.

Unfortunately, within 2 days, Max was in a yard with the other dogs, stitches still in from neutering. A fight broke out between Max and the predicted provoker, and the provoker was injured. According to the rescuer, Max did not start this fight.

Still, she wanted Max out ASAP (though to her credit, she continued to care for him while we scrambled to find someplace for Max to go).

Thanks to another rescuer, Max can stay in a great boarding facility where he can get personal attention and showing through a training program. The training program is expensive though, and the costs are independent of boarding.

More than anything (besides a forever home), Max needs a foster home where he can chill out after 4 very stressful months of his life. He would do great in a quiet home with no small animals, as he thinks they are his toys. Read more about him below. If you are able to foster Max, please e-mail Kara at kara.steiniger@gmail.com.

Alternative to fostering, any contribution, no matter how small, towards Max’s second rescue would be greatly appreciated. The volunteers who got Max out in the first place, now left holding the ball, were not prepared for this.

If a foster is found before enough funds are raised for the training program, those funds will be returned to their contributor!

Please send any contributions to:

Blue Dog Ranch

119 W. Linden Court

Burbank, CA 91502

(checks made out to Blue Dog Ranch)

Credit card donations can be made over the phone (818) 729-0550


Here is more about Max:

Max is a sweet,laid back,middle-aged guy who just wants to love you. He will sit with you while you read, garden, and especially loves to go for car rides. He's independent when you first meet him, but once he knows you, you will never have a better, more loving friend. Max was rescued just before he was going to be put down at the shelter he was in. He's an active-but-not-hyper, super-cool dog who loves car rides, playing in the water, cuddling and kisses. He walks well on a leash and knows how to sit for treats; he takes treats ever so gently from your hand! He is housebroken and crate-trained. Did we say he loves car rides?

Max would do best to live in a quiet home with someone who can give him the Love, Attention and Companionship he longs for! He is truly a remarkable boy who wants to just love you and be your forever friend. Max would do well in a home with no small animals, as he thinks they are his toys!!

Max is 6 years old and weighs 53 lbs. He is a classic mixed breed -- possibly a mix of shepherd and yellow lab.

Max is a special dog who has touched the hearts of the shelter employees, volunteers and most everyone else who has met him along his rescue journey. His friend Laurie even made him a star in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J__dpxjgTwc

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