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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bemis dogs who still need homes!!!



4 Bemis dogs were finally released from the Devore, San Bernardino shelter after being kenneled there for almost 4 years . We found great homes for 2 of them but need your help with OLLIE & LILLY.

Please help find them good homes by forwarding this info to your friends and family. These dogs have had no life and deserve the very best ! Despite all they endured, they have remained sweet and loving. PLS FWD to anyone who may interested - Thanks !

OLLIE was only FOUR MONTHS old when he was impounded. He was held at the Devore, San Bernardino shelter for almost FOUR YEARS. He has been in a foster home for the past couple of weeks and is quickly learning how to be a dog again. He is amazingly serene and sweet. He loves to be around other animals and would do best in a home that has another dog or a cat. Ollie is probably a Chocolate Lab/ Kelpie X and weighs 35lbs.

LILLY, a white Pit/ Bulldog X, was also held at the Devore shelter for almost four years. She is a very friendly, strong girl who has boundless energy so will need someone who can give her the exercise and guidance she needs. She is good with other dogs her size but no small dogs or cats. Lilly is healthy other than some minor eye surgery to correct entropia, which will be done before she goes into a home.

Both dogs have been fully vetted and are spayed , vaccinated, chipped and ready to go!

Helen at helen.storey@verizon.net or 310 392 0141
Stella at stellalee9@yahoo.com or 818-349-4100
Lenora at LHiggins@coh.org or 626-233-7387

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