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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm back in the saddle again...

So nice to be back at the shelter, sort of. Not that I don't love working with the dogs there, because I absolutely do. I just hate to worry about the dogs who just find it so hard to get a home. When I'm there and seeing all the dogs so desperately hoping to get out and go home, I start to feel desperate as well.

I've started attending the dog training class again under the auspices of Rayna Barker. She is an incredible trainer who really has a big heart. She's helped so many of our dogs. The class is a lot of fun and hopefully we will be able to help these dogs and impart our knowledge to others.

Here are a few dogs that could definitely use some help!

Traffic A1039140
This little guy is pretty cool. He sort of made his reputation at the shelter early on by being kind of persnickity with other dogs in the kennel. He got moved out to his own digs, however, he can be fine with some dogs. He is definitely a head strong little dude. However, he is totally manageable with the right person and situation.
I don't think Traffic is a good fit for a family with kids. He's too temperamental. I think he'd love an older person or couple who has eyes only for him.
We had him at an adoption event a while back he did pretty well considering what I had heard about him. He really a good boy and just needs some reinforcement in the right direction. He really needs to get out of the shelter soon!!

Shyla A1038056

Shyla is a playful and wonderful dog. She gets along with other dogs when properly introduced. She has lots of energy and enjoys playing a lot. She's in other videos playing as well. She's fabulous!!! This is not a good dog for a sedentary person who just wants to cuddle and watch movies. This girl is a young mover and shaker. I bet she'd love to go for a run. She needs out of the shelter ASAP!!!

Coco A1055550
Not sure why cutie pie little Coco is STILL at the shelter. What the heck? She couldn't be cuter and is a total lap dog. She'd be terrific with an older person looking for a companion.

Marty A1061203
What a cute dog! Marty has that Corgie thing going on obviously. She is very adorable and peppy. Well, she is just a puppy at around 9 months old! She loves other dogs, loves to play, likes kids and adults. Of course she needs some training, but overall she is a 100% fabulous puppy!!! Corgies can be very active and vocal, so keep that in mind...
More to come on Marty later...

Shadow A1005697
This girl was at the shelter a few months back and was returned for a reason which always sounds ridiculous to me, "No time." What? What did you think having a dog was, no effort? I'm baffled by people who adopt a living thing and expect it to just co-exist.
Anyway, nothing else was mentioned about Shadow so I figure she's just back where she started.
First off, this is a SMART dog. Very smart. She learns very fast and seems to really enjoy it. She isn't a dog that can just be around without doing something. Shadow definitely needs training and some boundaries.
For this dog, the worst thing you could do is throw her in the backyard and forget about her. She'd be so bored and frustrated. She likes people, food and interaction. I think she'd be a terrific dog for agility. She's a great size and has plenty of energy. Moreover, she needs something to do.
Not a great dog for a newbie as her energy and strength make her a handful. However, for a dog savvy person, she's star material!

Contact: www.laanimalservices.com

Don't let another minute go by without adopting a great animal from the shelter!!!!

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