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Monday, September 20, 2010

Get your red-hot dog license plates right here! Save Lives!

Dear Friends:

Roughly three months ago, we unveiled the California Spay and Neuter Specialty License Plate (a.k.a. the Pet Lovers Plate) and announced that it was available for pre-order. Needless to say, we are excited about the response, but we need your help. As of today, we currently received approximately 1,600 pre-orders, and while it’s not the 7,500 that’s required, we’re well on our way!

What can YOU do to help?

1. Volunteer to work a table at an event. We have events coming up all over the state, and need volunteers. Please email me at info@caspayplate.com if you will help.

2. Tell your friends, family and business associates about the plate!

3. Place a web banner advertising the plate on YOUR website or Facebook page! (Banners can be found on www.caspayplate.com)

4. Send an email to all of your pet-loving contacts!

5. Email us at info@caspayplate.com if you would like us to send you some brochures or a banner(s). Distribute them at your local car wash, hair salon, or dry cleaners, etc. and help spread the word!

Here’s what we are doing:

1. We will continue to advertise and promote the plate throughout California.

2. We will continue collecting pre-orders until we reach 7,500.
This step of the process could take months, and is solely based on how quickly we receive the requisite number of pre-orders.

3. Once 7,500 pre-orders have been placed, the DMV will be notified and will begin the processing and production of the plates.
Like step 2, this step could also take a number of months.

4. The DMV will contact the pet lovers that ordered the new plates regarding personalization or when they are ready for pick-up at the DMV location you selected on your pre-order.

Please help us reach our goal and buy your plate today if you haven’t already. Also, please offer to volunteer and help us spread the word at various events throughout the state. Proceeds from the plate will provide funding for free or low-cost spay & neuter surgeries across California, and also help to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering.

Kindest regards,

Judie Mancuso, Social Compassion
The California Spay & Neuter License Plate Fund

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