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Monday, November 8, 2010

A couple of couples...still remain from the Best Friends Super Adoption

Love will keep us together...

Hobie: A1126483

Buddy: A1126488

We come two to a package. We were found as strays wandering the streets of Los Angeles on June 24, 2010. The West Los Angeles Animal Shelter is now our home but we long to have a home of our own where we could play together and snuggle up at night and keep each other warm. Our names are Buddy and Hobbie.

Buddy is a 3 year old neutered Staffordshire bull terrier. He is very strong and easily excited but he is a sweet dog and is great with his friend Hobie. He is good on leash. He absolutely loves to play with his water dish. His hope is that he and his best friend can be together forever in a new home.

Hobie is a 6 yr. old spayed beagle mix. She is very sweet and loving. She is easy to walk and knows commands like sit. She is treat motivated but somewhat distracted by her environment. She is longing for a home away from the shelter where she and her best friend can run free again.

These two best friends can be adopted separately but it is their hope that someone would see the bond that exists between the two of them and consider adopting both of them.

These guys did great at the Best Friends adoption event but unfortunately found no takers.

Milou: A0356423

Tundra: A0532746

Sweet and lovable, these girls, possibly sisters were turned in to the shelter because their family was moving. So sad. These are the sweetest dogs and although they are technically "seniors" they have plenty of life to live. Full of love, both dogs love people of all kinds, young & old. They are fine around other dogs. They were terrific at Best Friends Super Adoption Event and got a lot of attention but they still came back to the shelter.

Tundra and Milo (the correct spelling of the names) should live with someone or a family who wants to spend time with them. A yard would be great but it doesn't have to be large. Tundra is thought to have some pain in her hind quarters, but she is lively and happy. She came in VERY matted so we had to shave down her coat. She's still gorgeous though! :)

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