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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lux-A1165613 -Desperately needs a RESCUE! Please help!

She is NOT a biter... So far no one has come forward for this unlucky little girl
Here is exactly what happened. Lux was always happy and well behaved on her walks. One day, because she was pulling on the leash, the volunteer did the training technique of quickly turning her around (360 degree) in the opposite direction.

There was a jogger ridiculously too close and practically on top of them and BEHIND them, when they turned the jogger was running directly at Lux and right on top of her! Lux was startled and she SNAPPED at the jogger, did not bite her. They stopped and Lux sat quietly and patiently while the jogger examined herself. The jogger's clothes were a very thin material and there was a SCRATCH...no broken skin. Everything was fine and the jogger continued jogging BUT now Lux has a "bite record"

She has never bitten before or since. The volunteers love her but the staff I hear is not that crazy about her, because when she first came in she hid and cringed in the back of the cage (she still does). Then she developed the LEARNED behavior from the other dogs in the kennel of running up to the front of the cage and barking at them.

With the volunteers that she knows she runs up and wags her tail happily and hopes it's time for a walk...BUT Lux will NEVER go for another walk and she will not get out alive, because now she has a "bite" history, unless a Rescue takes her...all because of the stupidity of the jogger, which Lux will have to pay for with her young life.

LOOK AT THAT HAPPY SWEET FACE. Of course she needs socialization, but the volunteer told us that she is just fine once she is outside of the Shelter...a place that she may never live to see.

This dog is RESCUE ONLY and she needs help desperately. PLEASE HELP by circulating this information!

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