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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stella at SLA.wmv

When Stella (A1195004, 6 years old, a mere 9 pounds -- and she could lose some weight!) arrived at the shelter, so little and so defenseless in a world that was completely overwhelming to her, she was beyond terrified. What could she do but put up a ferocious front -- show her teeth and snarl at anyone who approached her. But, with kindness and a gentle hand, Stella stopped snarling -- and just shook instead. And soon, with walks around the block -- being held, she won't walk on a leash yet -- she came to trust us. It's hard to describe that first tail wag, that first kiss she gave. It was so unexpected and so overpoweringly wonderful in its innocence. Watching her video you understand that Stella was someone's lap dog. Her nails have never been clipped and she has no idea what a string around her neck means. This girl needs a secure environment -- NOT a boarding kennel -- and she promises you total devotion in return. Stella enjoys the company of other little doggies. In fact, it was by watching them that she decided she could go exploring. This girl needs out of the shelter now!!! Please call (213) 485-0117 or -0119. And I hope you will let me know she has found a place in your heart. Stella has been in my dreams for two nights -- I know she will be in yours too.

With thanks, Andrea & Mindy ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

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