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Friday, May 6, 2011

Dotty A1158635 @ West LA shelter now -- Wonderful Dotty NEEDS a home today!

Dotty A1158635

I just don't get it!!! How could a dog as cute as I am still be at the animal shelter? I just don't understand. I was found as a stray on Oct. 5, 2010 and was brought to the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter where I still live. Every day I hope that someone will see what a great dog I am and will give me that forever home that I dream about.
I am 2 yrs. old and in the prime of life. I am black and white as you can see from my photograph. They tell me that I am a Border Collie/Dalmatian mix which gives me pretty good credentials wouldn't you say? I have been spayed, of course, so I am ready to go.

There are many volunteers at the shelter who really like me. One of them even calls me a "great dog". Most of the things they say about me are very positive and make me proud. For instance I am described as sweet and easy to handle. I am so happy when I get to play in the yard. I have a lot of energy so I love to run around and stretch my legs. I sit on command and try my best to respond well to correction. I am a pretty strong girl and sometimes will pull on my leash but if you tell me to stop I promise I will try to obey. I am very affectionate especially with people. I get along OK with big dogs but little dogs spook me so it's better that I not be around them. Oh I forgot to tell you that I love treats so I can learn just about anything if there's a treat in it for me.

Now after reading this you must agree that I am a pretty special dog so why am I still here? I don't know but it scares me because I don't want to die in the shelter. I am a good dog who loves people and I would make someone so happy if they would only give me a chance. Please help me! Don't let me die! I need a "forever home".

West LA City Shelter 310-207-3266
Tues-Sat 8-5, Sun 11-5
11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064
Contact: Samantha Westbrook, NEW HOPE COORDINATOR

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