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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Regal senior dog Nicky is looking to Chillax with you! He's a GREAT guy!

This poor senior dog desperately needs a safe, loving foster. If you can help please contact Lori at lori@modernica.net

Nicky had a nice simple life in South LA, his owner, a retired woman walked him on the same block near Central Ave twice a day every day until one day she stopped. Her neighbor was concerned and found Nicky abandoned in the yard. The owner had gone into the hospital and the adult children didn’t want Nicky. He went to what was supposed to be a temporary home with 15+ other dogs, some very aggressive. Sadly, Nicky was attacked and almost killed by one of the dogs. With no money and no hope, Downtown Dog Rescue paid for three surgeries to piece together Nicky’s neck. He is completely healed, amazingly is fine with other dogs including small dogs, he just doesn’t want to be bothered or jostled around by other dogs. Ideally we are looking for a quiet home where he can live with another old dog. Nicky is fine with cats. Please e-mail Lori@modernica.net

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