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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Babs A1079163 deserves a break!!!


Life isn't fair!!!  Those words were never more true than they are for Babs, a 4 yr. old brown and white spayed Staffordshire Terrier.  Babs never bit anyone, she didn't run away, she didn't destroy the furniture, she didn't eat the cat. She was a great family member!  She was loyal and loving towards her family and other dogs.  She had her favorite toys to play with and she had a family who loved her. Life was good!

But life isn't always fair and the life that Babs loved came to an abrupt end in Sept. 2010 when Babs's owners lost their home.  They relinquished her to the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter.  The people and home that she had loved so much were gone but Babs did not give up.  Dogs have amazing resilience. With tail wagging and a big smile on her face Babs greeted everyone who passed by her run.  

The weeks flew by.  People looked but no one stopped.  No one wanted her.  The end of her time at the shelter was fast approaching when after 6 months of waiting a miracle happened and she was adopted.  The story should have ended there but again as I said before "life is not fair."

In June 2011, Babs's new family moved. Apparently she did not fit into their plans so back to the shelter she came. The wait for a home started all over again.   

Since being at the shelter, Babs has become a valuable member of K9 Connection.  She is working with high-risk kids while she is  a shelter resident.
Babs in action at K9 Connection!

It is now October 2011 and Babs is still waiting.  For Babs, life indeed has not been fair.  She's a beautiful, smart, happy dog who loves to play and who loves people.  Even though she is not an aggressive dog, she has lunged at a few dogs during her K9 outings.  The K9 Connection staff who know Babs so well have commented that the stress from being in the shelter is taking its toll on Babs.  Their suggestion is that when she is adopted, a one dog house would be best for a "low level handler" but if adopted by an intermediate handler, they could handle this "kink" just fine.  They further believe that with a normal life, some rest, confidence and good handling this behavior would resolve quickly.

Please consider Babs as your new family member! She deserves a break!

West LA City Shelter  310-207-3266  Tues-Sat 8-5,  Sun 11-5 
11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064 
Contact: Samantha Westbrook, NEW HOPE COORDINATOR

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