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Friday, October 14, 2011


I just had to post this one! My good friend and colleague Mirja who has been writing up most of the pleas for the dogs depicted on this site, wrote this one about Starr, a nice dog who was literally on death row at the shelter.  Starr was a great dog that just wasn't attracting any attention so her hours were now numbered.  Talk about drama!  When networking shelter dogs, we sometimes don't know what will happen until the last possible moment...

The original plea

Starr is a beautiful 4 yr. old spayed Korean Jindo who was found as a stray and who has called the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter her home since July 1, 2011.  Time is running out for this sweet girl with the lush, soft gold and tan coat.  

For reasons that are hard to understand she is largely ignored at the shelter.  She sits at the front of her run looking quietly at everyone who passes by.  She doesn't jump, she doesn't bark, she just sits and stares perhaps resigning herself to the fact that no one will ever want her and yet Starr is a sweet dog who deserves a home and the love of a special person.

Starr walks well on leash.  She knows her commands and sits, goes down and gives her paw without hesitation.  She has a gentle mouth and loves her treats.  She would rather be close to her person than chase a ball or run around but that could well be because shelter life has taken the spirit out of her.

Please help this special dog find her forever home before time runs out for her.  Please don't let her die at the shelter.

Addendum:  Whoever said miracles don't happen will change their mind when they read the ending to this story. After working on this story today Oct. 13, 2011,  I emailed K, my favorite A.C.T., at the shelter to ask her if she knew how Starr was with other dogs.  I was anxious to start networking her feeling fairly certain that her time at the shelter was almost up.  K emailed me back that a woman had come to the shelter today and was interested in Starr but wanted to check with her husband.  How often do people say they will come back and then never do?
K put a memo in the computer but then she learned that Starr was to be euthanized today!  Thanks to K's notice, Starr was  given until the end of the day.  If the people did not return today she would be euthanized.  But the stars aligned for Starr and they did return.  Starr was adopted!!!  Thank you K for making this miracle happen.  Without her intervention Starr would have been euthanized before the people could return.  Oh my goodness!!!! -- Mirja

I just love a happy ending. :-) Best of luck Starr!!!

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