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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Updates of the day

Every now and then, things work out...

First, my last post was about Jerry, the pretty Pittie for whom things were looking pretty hopeless... Thankfully, Jerry's savior stepped in to save the day. He will be going to Via Lobos to hang with lots of other pitt bulls like himself! Good luck Jerry!

Then, more about Grover! I have been in touch with his original family and they had this to say:
  • Grover is wary of strangers initially but warms up.
  • He loves his food, and doesn't like to be disturbed when eating.
  • He loves to have his belly rubbed.
  • He's quiet indoors and just wants to hang with his people.
  • He enjoys hanging around outside.
  • He know lots of tricks!
  • He often ends up in very cute but unusual positions!
  • He absolutely loves his people.
  • He's fine around kids and grew up taking orders from one!!
  • He goes to the dog park but likes to stay close to his person.
Grover sounds like a perfectly reasonable dog to me! He is so gorgeous and has a peppy attitude. I had him out for a bit today and he was terrific.

I think it's important to know and respect your dog's wishes if they are reasonable. If a dog is tired or hot and doesn't want to be bothered, let him be! Of course, you are the benevolent leader so you have nothing to prove, right?!

Oh and here's a little update on my girl Princess. She's doing a little better but not gaining any weight. We've made a group effort at the shelter to make her more at ease by giving her some office time which means it's a little more quiet and relaxing. Princess is also getting special meals so that she'll gain some weight! We have also found that giving her a toy in her run seems to ease her tension a little.

I had her out and we met up with a little girl. Princess did great with her! No jumping or anything. I was so proud!

I really think Princess is a great dog for just about anyone. She's not hyper and indoors she seems very calm. The only thing I don't know is how she would be with another dog. However, it's not unreasonable to expect in a normal situation that she would be fine. She may need some help adjusting to a new home initially, but I think Princess will do very well with an educated guardian.

Coming for West LA we have:
George aka Carson- On the old side but SWEET with a capital S
Iyami - Lots of love to give and energy to expend, she's a doll
Sara - Another energetic girl, but also another sweetie pie. A lover not a fighter!
Negra - Your typical Rottweiler, sweet and lovely.
Brandy- Very gentle and easy to handle.
Candy - So cute and very nice. She loves to cuddle...
Dino - Mellow guy, lots of love to give.
Sam - Dino's pal, really needs some TLC, he misses having his own home.
Cha Cha - Tons of energy for play. Great agility dog. Smart!
Daisy - Cute and sweet. Just a perfect little girl.
Princess! - Yay, she's finally going to an adoption event, good luck Princess!!! xoxo
come see us there!!!!


  1. Were any of the West LA dogs adopted at the event yesterday??


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