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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Best Friends Hotter than EVER


Not only was the temperature hot at Best Friends this Sunday, but so were our dogs! Hot to trot, that is, right to their new homes. We really had a banner day at the adoption event considering the awful heat kept many potential adopters away.

One of the most exciting adoptions was of Sara and Iyame who will be going home TOGETHER! They've been the bestest of friends at the shelter and we couldn't be happier the way this turned out. Both dogs are so full of energy and fun, they are a perfect match. Ironically, Sara had been adopted at the last event, but then returned due to being hyper and eating the guy's couch. Oh well, I guess Sara knew that she wanted to be with her best buddy even if it meant going back to the shelter.

Some of our older dogs also were adopted, which is always a thrill for me. George/Carson got a great home with a shelter volunteer. Little Candy also found a home! In fact, 7 of the 9 dogs who attended the BF event from WLA were adopted!!

That's an excellent showing, even in good weather!

Sugar A923887 & Cole A910874

What fun!

My good friend Seth, of Little Friends Animal Photography, hooked us up with CBS News! I know, it's wild! Seth and I were interviewed and we got to feature a couple of our sweetie-pie dogs! Holy dog doo! We're going to be on TV!

Sugar, who is an absolute love with people, was wonderful on camera! She was hanging out with Seth during his interview and insisting on belly rubs. She is just an absolute doll! Sugar's not very dog friendly, but, wow, she LOVES the humans! Kids, seniors, everybody!!

Then we let Cole do his thing, as he is the MAN when it comes to playing fetch. He has so much spunk for an older guy. He's really funny, CBS got great footage of him. I hope someone sees him on TV and runs right down to the shelter to adopt him because he deserves a chance to enjoy his golden years. Come on, who doesn't love a big black, ball-obsessed Lab?????

As for my part in all this, I got to plug the shelter and what we are doing there. It was great. I did it in my work clothes so I actually looked like a respectable person. A Huge thanks to Seth as he is responsible for this wonderful PR opportunity. Please check out his website and treat your pooch to a photo shoot with Seth!

Btw, those beautiful and expressive photos of Sugar and Cole were taken by the master himself!


The news piece should be on this week. I'll keep you posted!

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