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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Eli's coming...

Hide Your Heart!
Eli A901017 (Rescue Only)
West LA Shelter

This is a real stinker of a story. This dog, Eli, comes to the shelter. He's dog friendly and basically just a nice guy. Then, one day a volunteer takes him out so that he can get some play time. Unfortunately due to his long confinement, he got kind of excited and went a little nuts. By nuts I mean that he grabbed the volunteer's shirt sleeve and wouldn't let go! What a nut! Anyway, he got in trouble for this and is now in danger of being euthanized.

Eli is a really smart dog and attentive with a capital A. His obedience training is going really well. He knows his verbal sit and down. However, he needs a person who is committed to working with him and continuing his training. Thankfully, a couple of our dedicated volunteers have been working with him and making great strides in his development.

Eli is active, loves to run and would be great for someone who has a lot of space and time for him. An active male or female who likes to be the leader would be perfect. Eli doesn't need a harsh environment though, rather, an understanding one. This boy is so great and responds so well, a little knowledge will go a long way with him. So bone up on your dog training skills and get this boy out of the shelter, before it's too late!!


  1. What breed of dog is he?

  2. Eli is a mix, hard to tell of what. He has been adopted from the shelter so hopefully he will be successful in his new home. I will keep you posted!


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