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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: Back with a Vengeance!

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last month. It's been a rough period at the shelter and I needed to gain some perspective by distancing myself from the situation. I'm back now and we still have a lot of the SAME DOGS looking for a home. It's so sad, but in a way a relief considering what has transpired at all the shelters lately. Thanks for reading and supporting our shelter dogs! Lola

A Couple of Wonderful Rotties looking for a home!

Tristen A0984268 (adult)
This guy is so cute. He's tall and lanky, a real charmer. Tristen is a friendly guy and seems to love people in general. I'm not sure about him with other dogs, but my experience has been that he's a pretty chill dude. The staff at the shelter like him too! I recommend an experienced owner and someone who wants to spend quality time with their dog. Rottie's need a firm hand. He's so awesome, you must come meet him!

Roxy A0978203 Rottweiler mix (young)
Here's a beauty of a dog for you! Roxy is a total sweetie pie. She gets along with other dogs and is great with people. She is playful and adorable. This girl needs a home where she will get ample attention and lots of love...Training too!!!! The volunteers really like this doggie. She is a cute one!

Some more special dogs...

Jack A0922499 Sharpei mix (young)
Poor Jack. This guy came into the shelter as a puppy. He was probably about 6 months old when I first met him. Lots of people were interested in him but he did have some skin problems common to the Sharpei breed. He finally got adopted and we thought he was safe at last. Unfortunately several months later Jack was returned for some reason, probably his skin problem. Now Jack has been stuck at the shelter for months. The fact that he has a type of mange has made him less than desirable to the average adopter. However, this is a sweet dog. He definitely needs some training and structure, but he has loads of potential. It's so painful to see him at the shelter knowing that stress only makes his condition worse. This problem is not contagious and can be treated successfully. Please don't judge this poor guy by his appearance as he really deserves a chance at a normal life.

Betty Boop A934970 Chow/Boarder Collie mix (adult)
Betty is so cute and lively. What a cool dog! Well, get this, she's rescue only. That's right, someone adopted her and claimed that she bit not just one person but a few people when she was in a room with a group of people. Who knows what the actual circumstances were since the shelter must take the word of the person turning in the dog. Betty was quarantined and then adoptable to rescue only. Thanks to the good work of our own Laurie the volunteer, angel of the iso dogs, Betty Boop has gotten a second chance. Betty is still rescue only but at least she's alive and will hopefully find the right home when a rescue takes her in. Betty is good around other dogs. She's good on leash. She's very funny and sweet. She loves attention and would be a really fun dog for an active person. Being that she has a bite on her record, I would probably advise no kids. Other than that, no one has been able to replicate the aggressive behavior that supposedly occurred. She's a favorite of shelter staff and volunteers.

Angel A971916 Pitbull (senior)
This dog came into the shelter a mess. In fact he was evidence for an animal cruelty case. This poor guy had a huge cut down his back and multiple health issues. He's super friendly and despite all his troubles, he still trusts people and other dogs. Even the vet at WLA likes him!!! It's too sad to think of him dying at the shelter after all he's been through. He just needs a warm bed and some love... Come see him and you'll see what I mean.

A few last words...

For those of you reading this who don't know me, I've had struggles with my dog Ace who was originally from the WLA shelter. Even though I already loved the Rottweiler breed, I had no idea what living with one would be like. Over a year later, here I am with my big baby and I admit it, we're in love. However, thanks to getting serious training advice, it's more like tough love as I am always clearly in charge. As a result, I have a great companion who gets along with my other animals and is a pleasure to have around! Bottom line, get the right training for YOUR dog according to his personality and breed. Furthermore, adopt a dog who works for your lifestyle and capabilities. Believe me, I learned the hard way!

Get out and vote this Tuesday!

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