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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Shelter Chronicles: A holiday sale?

Duke * A0690792 * 5-7 years old * Shepherd mix

Duke here is a really great dog. He's got a lot of heart considering he's been at the shelter since JULY! But, even though he's led this less than optimal existence, he's actually a very chill dog with a nice personality. Duke definitely likes to run laps and get his ya-yas out whenever possible, but in the meantime, he's happy to wait his turn.
Duke has some obedience training and knows sit and down (with luring). He also knows to pay attention when he's being spoken to... What a good boy. This guy is a great companion and would do well in a variety of situations. Not sure how he is with other dogs, but with some socialization he should be fine. Duke is NOT a hard dog and totally trainable! You really can't ask more from a shelter dog...

He's great! Come meet him and take him home already!

Did you know the city shelters are having a sale? The first 300 adoptions are FREEEEEEE!
Disclaimer: Only get a dog because you really want one, NOT because they are "free." Nothing in life is really free you know...

Other dogs needing homes ASAP! ON SALE NOW!

Buddy A0413332
China A0973208
Bea A0975236
Daisy A0945946

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  1. So, if for an example someone decides to buy Tigger from West La, will he be free, or will only Duke Buddy etc? Also, out of all those dogs you listed, which would be the best for a family in a HUGE apartment, with 5 kids and 2 adults? We are desperate for a dog.


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