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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: A Penny for your love...

Penny is urgent!!!!

ID# A1013652, young, female, medium size

Penny is a really pretty dog who really needs a home FAST! She is definitely a victim of the Black dog syndrome as she has been bypassed by everyone for the past few months that she’s been at the shelter. Turns out this girl is a total babe! She loves people and is very sweet and playful. Penny is not a reactive dog, but rather, she’s more on the mellow side. However, she’s got plenty of energy for walks, runs, hikes, dog park, etc. I would even say that Penny could be an excellent family dog!

Penny just attended an adoption event this weekend and did wonderfully. She does fine with other dogs if they are polite. She’s not aggressive towards dogs, but she’ll let them know if she’s not feeling it. She likes to go into her relationships more slowly… She’s very demure. This is a terrific dog for most anyone. She could use some training but is an easy girl who is looking for some love!

Penny is at WEST LA Animal Shelter!
Come meet her TODAY, she is currently RED LISTED!!!!


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