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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Presenting Ava

AVA REDLISTED!!!! A1014637

submitted by Mirja Bishop

Ava’s face has that movie star look about it! Sultry! Mysterious! Come see me! She was, in fact, named after the famous actress of the 1940’s and 1950’s Ava Gardener. Her eyes stare ahead as she sits very quietly at the front of her run watching people go by. “Stop look at me. I’m beautiful!” Ava doesn’t bounce up and down like most of the dogs do as people pass by. She simply gazes ahead with those expressive eyes. She’s much less sophisticated and serene however when the volunteer steps into her run to put a lead around her neck in preparation for bringing her out into the yard. She wiggles back and forth and is a happy, excited and enthusiastic girl.

Ava is a black and brown unaltered Rottweiler who is listed as 12 yrs. old but who certainly has the look and energy of a younger dog. She, like most of the dogs when brought out into the play area, spends the first few minutes sniffing, exploring and on occasion marking her territory. Ava is a little bit of an alpha female who likes to lift her leg on occasion when she urinates and then scratch the ground when she walks away. The greatest joy for this precious girl is to be in the yard with her human friend and to be able to run around, sniff and do her doggy thing. When called she responds immediately and runs toward her human sitting down immediately in front of them hoping for a treat. Ava has earned the privilege of going for walks outside of the animal shelter. She walks with perfect manners, sniffing as she goes and clearly enjoying those brief moments of freedom away from the shelter.

Ava was found as a stray and has been at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter since March 4, 2009 – much too long for such a sweet, personable dog! Her days at the shelter are probably numbered because of the length of her stay. The volunteers who know her best are heart broken that this friendly, sweet dog who wants nothing more than to be buddies with a human pal may not find that person in time. Her wonderful expressive eyes and her gentle demeanor make her a very special girl who is loved by all of the volunteers especially Cindy and Mirja. Ava deserves a second chance. She deserves to live out her life with her special human friend beside her. She is a star in her own right. A very special dog!!!


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