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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Too many desperate faces...

Starr, A1011930, Female, 4 years old,

This is a great little girl and sweet as can be. She
is one of those dogs that I tend to fall in love with
after an afternoon of hanging out at an adoption
event. This kid has been to several events but still
hasn't found her forever home. This little sweetie
is your typical feisty chihuahua lady who loves
who she loves and dogs are only okay... Big dogs
are iffy, but she's tolerant up to a point. Dogs
like Starr often get a bad rap as a snarky, snappy
chi, but truthfully, the volunteers who spend time
with her LOVE HER! She's got personality but is also
a lover-girl who wants a lap. I would recommend Starr
for an older person or any adult who has some patience
to spend the time and give her the guidance and love
she needs! She's waiting!!!!

Two beautiful Rottie's anyone??

Un-named, A1030436, Female, Rottweiler, 1.5 years

Dangy, A089805, Female, Rottweiler mix, 2 years

These GORGEOUS dogs caught my eye at the shelter this weekend. The un-named girl is full Rottie and a good size but not huge. She is a doll! Very friendly and non-reactive. This is a dog who would be easy to train as she is food motivated and has a lovely disposition. She seemed unfazed by the group of people who were surrounding her and the strange man asking her to sit. One thing is that my impression of "un-named Rottie" was that she has little or no obedience training. It would be a very helpful thing for her since she would need a strong leader. Anyone interested in a fabulous dog like this should be committed to training, no ifs, ands or buts. I would be SO angry if someone ruins this terrific dog by being a lazy jerk!

Dangy is such a good girl. She know tons of tricks and is happy to perform them for a mere treat. I guess her former guardians decided they didn't have time for her anymore. Sad as she is a darling dog and deserves better. She's a mix so she doesn't have the Rottie size. She's actually a medium sized dog who would be fine in any number of situations. In fact, I believe she is house trained already! Again, even though Dangy knows some tricks, I think she would benefit from some basic training where she could learn better leash manners (she pulls) and to tone down her excitement around kids and company. These are all trainable issues and since she's so sweet to begin with that I think she'd be a quick study. Also, she gets along with other dogs and small animals but not sure about cats. I'd love to see her with some active people or a family with older kids.

Picachu, A1014129, Female, adult, medium

Adonis, A1014130, Male, adult, medium

These two shy cuties hide out in their cubby most of the time. When you do get them out and they start to relax, wow, are they the sweetest two kids ever! Picachu and Adonis are attached at the hip, so to speak, as one follows the other and visa versa. Adonis is probably the more confident of the two, but he doesn't go far away from Picachu. They are soft dogs though and just want to trust someone. They are definitely mutts, probably with some Chow in there. I think they are so cute and expressive. My impression is that they were outside dogs :( as they don't really get the whole leash concept. However, lots of attention from shelter volunteers has helped them get used to such things. Of course, they are still shy and don't like all the noise and confusion of shelter life. They would be great dogs for an older couple as all these two really want is love and attention. Please come visit them and have them taken out of the kennel so you can really see how adorable and nice they really are!

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