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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reggie A1127873 at SLA: A total charmer! URGENT!!!

Reggie (A1127873, 2 year old, rottie mix, needs out by Monday, July 19th!!!!!) trembled at first, his haunches quaked, he froze on the leash. We coaxed him, knelt down and gave him reassurance. You can see the radiant smile that appeared soon afterward. I've watched Reggie for a while now. This 50-pound guy was put into a kennel with lots of little dogs, yapping and squirming. He looked around him, puzzled, but gentle as a lamb, he never overpowered them. Then Reggie was moved to a kennel with two big dogs, including a 14-year old. He was intimidated but polite, watching the big guys for tips on how to exist in a shelter. Reggie can adapt to any situation -- he's bright, he's considerate and he's super sweet. And he will fit in perfectly at any dog party. If you can save his sweet soul, please contact the South L.A. shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119. And kindly let us know that he will be helping at your next celebration. With thanks, Andrea & Mindy ivegonetothedogs@gmail.com (323) 363-4909

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