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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CHELSEA - A1105692 at WLA - She's begging for a break

Chelsea is a very sweet girl. She's big and brawny, but underneath she is a sweet gal who just wants to relax with her favorite friends. Chelsea is large but not difficult to handle. She just assume be with YOU and hang out.

Chelsea lived with her family her whole life, but for some reason they didn't or couldn't keep her, we don't know why. She was very distraught when she first arrived at the shelter. It was sad to hear her howl, she sounded so sad and lonely. Luckily, the wonderful WLA volunteers came to the rescue and made Chelsea's time at the shelter bearable. She's doing pretty well, but her time is running out.

Not sure how Chelsea does with other dogs, but she's not reactive to them. I think she would do well in a variety of situations with young or older folks. She's pretty chill.

Poor Chelsea is in BIG trouble at the shelter, she's just been there too long. She's a little older and has some mammary tumors that are operable. Her time is running out and I hate to think of it. She's too nice a girl...

Please share, network and let's find her a home!

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